Now Is the Time To Build Your Online Brand: Michael Hyatt’s Platform

I recently finished reading an advance copy of Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World.

It is a step-by-step guide to building your own online presence. If you have been wanting to start building your online brand (personal or business), then this is a must read.

Or even if you have already started, this book will help accelerate your journey.

Now is the Time To Build Your Platform

In his book, Michael points out that today’s world is a flood of options and sources of information, so it can be difficult to be heard above the “noise.”

However, today’s online environment presents individuals and companies with some of the best options for differentiating and making a name for themselves.

In other words, it is also the best time to start building your presence. The technology, tools, and timing are now.

If you need to get started with social media and building your brand online, this book lays out the path for you.

Michael’s book reads like a wikipedia of current social media trends and topics.

Follow his advice if you want a head start in building your online presence.

Michael covers topics ranging from blogging, to Twitter, to even legal considerations and pitfalls to avoid.

Something for Newbie or Pro-blogger

There are many books on social media out there. Many of them are by people who are not “doing it” themselves.

Michael has built his own platform. And he has grown if from scratch to the top blog it is today.

He shares numbers, costs, and more. Something that many “social media experts” will not do.

It is a very practical book. You can read it cover-to-cover or jump to the topics that interest you.

Here are just a sampling of the domains that Michael covers in Platform:

  • Specific Tools and Tactics – Michael provides tools and methods for building your online platform. He gives a behind the scenes look at how he performs the daily tasks of running his site. He provides specific tool recommendations such as HootSuite, and one of my favorites, the time-saving Buffer App.
  • Lessons From His Experiences – Platform is full of real world examples from Michael’s blogging experiences and those he has worked with. From the CEO that wanted someone to “blog for him” to the small author that created their own platform from scratch.
  • Mistakes and Lessons Learned – If you are just starting out in online media, you will benefit from the many lessons contained herein. Many of the chapters read like “Do’s and Don’ts” of the online world. Don’t be “that guy,” and make the same social media mistakes that others have before you.
  • Examples of Doing It Right – Better than “what not to do,” Michael presents great examples of “how to do it right.” There are many examples and links to sites that have “done it right,” so that you can go check them out yourself.
  • Links to Sources – Michael’s book is impeccably documented. There is almost no tool, story, or fact, that is not linked to its source. So you can use the book as a springpad to go investigate the items that interest you.
  • A Head Start – Many companies hire external so-called “social media experts.” Instead, I recommend you begin with this book. You can start today… building your own online platform.

Great Advice… Just Add Hard Work

You have to put in the work to build an online platform.

However, Michael’s book will accelerate your journey.

And you just might avoid some of the potholes along the way.

I highly recommend that you pick up a copy today. (Get it here on Amazon.)

And if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make a couple of tweaks based on Michael’s advice… 🙂

Share Below: What information do you need to launch your own platform? What’s stopping you from starting today?

PS – SPECIAL NOTE: Michael is offering special free bonuses to those who purchase the book this week. See details here.

PPS – If you are headed to BlogWorld, you can catch both Michael and I speaking. In fact, our presentations are back-to-back. (Talk about productive!)

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