50 Ways To Outrun A Boring Life

Are you bored?

Or more specifically, is your life boring?

We all get into routines.

We settle into our comfort zones.

It seems we do the same things every day.

Today, let’s bust out of our comfortable lives.

Going Through The Motions

Does your life seem like you are living in the movie Groundhog Day?

You get up and do the same things each day.

Following the same routines can save us time.

And staying in our comfort zone is, well, comfortable.

But, it doesn’t spark our imagination or stoke our productivity.

Sometimes, we get trapped in the status quo.

“If you let it, life will take you where it wants.

Instead, take your life where you want.” 

Is your life the same each day?

Let’s Not Be Boring

Doing new things sparks productivity in everything you do.

It is why having a hobby can make you more productive.

Today, let’s do something new and different.

Let’s keep life exciting and escape the boredom.

Here are “50 Ways to Outrun a Boring Life…”

  1. Have goals, pursue them with passion.
  2. Do something differently than you normally do.
  3. Go for a 3 mile run.
  4. Take a chance.
  5. Take a different route to work.
  6. Learn something new.
  7. Read a book for pleasure.
  8. Write a book. (What is that idea you have had for years?)
  9. Ask out the person that you have been afraid to approach.
  10. Finish something you started.
  11. Choose the road less travelled.
  12. Do a favor for someone.
  13. Build something small.
  14. Make something big.
  15. Tell someone that you care about them.
  16. Do something you have never done.
  17. Do something that you haven’t done in years. (What do you miss doing?)
  18. Eat something you have never tried before.
  19. Order off the menu.
  20. Write a fiction story. (How old were you when you last did that?)
  21. Have a journal.
  22. Send a picture and a note to a friend.
  23. Take the dog for a walk.
  24. Do something that scares you. (What do you need to overcome?)
  25. Help someone selflessly.
  26. Don’t follow the crowd.
  27. Ask for that raise or promotion. (No one else is going to ask for you…)
  28. Write a letter to that long lost friend.
  29. Talk to someone you have been meaning to get to know. (Who is that person at work?)
  30. Cook something from a magazine.
  31. Sing when no one is watching.
  32. Dance with someone you love.
  33. Write down 5 things that you want to accomplish in the next year.
  34. Write a letter to your future self. (See FutureMe.org)
  35. Write a letter for your kids to read when they are older.
  36. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.
  37. Stand up for someone else.
  38. Volunteer your time.
  39. As Steve Jobs said, be one of The Crazy Ones.
  40. Go for a walk in the woods.
  41. Play a competitive sport. (For fun!)
  42. Go to a museum or aquarium.
  43. Don’t take yourself so seriously.
  44. Laugh at work.
  45. Spend time with your kids. (For kids, L-O-V-E is spelled T-I-M-E.)
  46. Make a date with your spouse or significant other.
  47. Kiss someone you love.
  48. Give a hug to someone who needs it.
  49. Dare to be different.
  50. Be yourself, no matter what others think.

A Life Less Ordinary

We all get into our comfort zones.

Some stay there… indefinitely.

Instead, let’s do something outside of the routine.

Today, live a life that is a little less ordinary.

What would you add to the list?

37 thoughts on “50 Ways To Outrun A Boring Life

    1. Don’t want to be a killjoy but have tried all those things and still no change in circumstances.
      Inspiring indeed and very positive which is good.

      But with all the positivity and enthusiasm at what point do you keep trying new things and don’t move forward being stuck as a single 48 year old guy no house of their own and all your mates have moved on. ?

      1. This is something I haven’t tried yet but am going to. Look up someone in the phone book (you don’t know them). Send them a quick note eg. Have a good day! and enclose $10 or $15. Don’t put your return address on the envelope. You will have a few days thinking about the person receiving this and how you brightened their day!

  1. This is so generic and uninspiring. I guess anything more difficult or thought provoking would defeat the purpose of “appreciating the small things”? But I guess escaping the mundaneness of every day life is hard enough.

    1. absolutely agree. uninspiring. the internet is full of tips for a better life, but do the people who write this stuff even know what they’re talking about? we all gotta find out own way to happiness. the internet won’t have the answer.

      1. Well, if the Internet isn’t gonna give me any answer, then I’m really disappointed now.
        And agree, uninspiring and moreover doesn’t make my life any less boring.
        Some people seem to be thankful though, so it’s the matter of the suitable personality and expectations, I guess.

  2. how are you suppose to change a boring life when you are disabled.no car.no job.No money

    1. There are numerous things on that list that don’t cost anything, don’t require you to go anywhere. Use your imagination and create your own list.

    2. I understand completely..few others will though as they have never been through it…most of these will not apply to ppl in those situations…but for what it is worth, which is very little, your not alone in the boat.

  3. Thank you for reminding me that I can pursue a new hobby in order to promote productivity and get rid of this boring feeling I have right now. I’ve been in our house for more than two months now and I’ve got nothing else to do because of the ongoing pandemic. Since we have an empty lot next to our property, it might be a good idea to look for gold prospecting equipment that I can rent or buy and look for gold deposits.

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