How the iPad Replaced My Laptop – Part II

Previously, I wrote “How the iPad Replaced my Laptop in 30 Days.” I have continued to use the iPad as my main mobile computing device and my laptop continues to sit on my desk more and more.

So, I thought I would provide some additional insights on using the iPad as your “laptop replacement.”

Still Not a Laptop

The iPad is still not a laptop. It never was meant to be. Then again, most people don’t need a laptop. It does 90% of what I need a computer to do. For the remainder, like serious spreadsheet work, I use a desktop.

However, the iPad outshines a laptop in many areas…

Size – iPad wins this one. There is no debate. Sometimes I forget I am even carrying it, especially if I am also carrying some folders or paperwork. When was the last time you forgot you were carrying your laptop?

Battery Life – I can go an entire day and still have almost half the battery left. My traditional laptop usually needs charging by early afternoon.

Instant On – The iPad is great when you need something quick. It works wonders when you are in a meeting and need some information. I usually have the answer before my co-workers can get to their Windows password screen.

Internet Access – I have the 3G iPad and love the wireless Internet. Aircards have been available for some time, but in a package this portable, the Internet access is a game changer.

iPad’s Productivity

As I have used the iPad more, here are the productivity items that have stood out…

EvernoteEvernote continues to be my main application for keeping notes, clippings, and pretty much anything. Their iPad interface is well done, and being able to produce any document instantly is like carrying an entire file cabinet with you. It really scares people when you are able to produce a report from 4 years ago in just a few moments.

Calendar – Not enough can be said about the iPad calendar. The screen real estate allows monthly and weekly views that I often find myself holding up to show others what scheduling options are available.

Email – There is something enjoyable about touching your email. I like processing email on the iPad. I use the onscreen keyboard, however also use the external keyboard dock if I am writing a bunch of emails.

Reeder – This is an RSS news reader app. I liked it so much, that I wrote an earlier review about it here. It lets me have all my news, info, and blogs, in one easy to read place. It also has some great built-in features for sharing via Twitter, etc.

I am eager to see how the iPad’s productivity and usefulness evolves as app developers continue to find even better ways to leverage its interface.

What are your experiences with the iPad? How has it made you more productive?

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8 thoughts on “How the iPad Replaced My Laptop – Part II

  1. I also have Citrix on my iPad so every business application can be reached. I note my hours in SAP, add a document to a file folder and comment on a article on the corprate Intranet. All I need in ove little box…

  2. There are so many great things about the iPad, like Reeder, Safari, Email, Photos and the iPod. Maps is very useful when you travel. I can't wait until iOS4 comes out for the iPad. I have too many drawing apps and it would be nice to have them in one folder. There is one major drawback to productivity: The iPad is an awesome game machine.

  3. Yes, you are right…it is a great game machine. (Made the mistake of downloading “Osmos” today…)

    I also forgot to mention that I use it as my eBook reader, too. Both the iBooks and Kindle apps are great!

  4. iPad is a really great device. Definitely will not replace laptop/desktop – you need it one to activate it.
    iPad just shows how little hardware we really need to meet 90% of our needs.
    The thing I wonder is how much consumption vs work you can get done on iPad. Is it 80/20 or closer to 50/50 ratio?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  5. It is a personal choice I think, if you are asking for my personal view that I will go for the one which suits me and also which will fulfill my needs accordingly as the ipad and the laptops are almost the same if camaring the features. It is just that the ipad scores high in some of them.
    Appreciate your work and keep shairng your information.

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