I often get questions about what tools I use and recommend, so I thought it would be beneficial to create a resource page.  I’ll keep it updated with the latest additions, so please check back in the future.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links to products.  All of the products below are recommended based on my experience and trust of the company.

TMN’s Current Favorite Tools

  • Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner: I have used a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner for over 4 years.  Perfect for going paperless and home setup.  Fujitsu makes both a Windows ScanSnap, as well as my favorite Mac ScanSnap.  Get one and you won’t know how you got by previously!
  • Evernote: Love Evernote!  This application allows you to keep all of your notes in one place.  Clip webpages, notes, files, …whatever!  And Evernote keeps it secure for you.  Accessibility is huge for Evernote as you can access it on your Windows/Mac computer, the Web, and even your mobile device.  It is amazing when you are able to instantly produce a note/doc from 3 years ago.  🙂
  • Mozy: How do you keep your files backed up?  If your hard drive failed right now, what would you lose?  Family pictures?  Documents?  Music and movies?  I have used Mozy for a couple years and it is great at effortless backups.  Runs all by itself in the background and magically backs up your important files to the “cloud.”  Works on both Windows and Mac.
  • Fellowes IntelliShred PS-79Ci Shredder: Do you need a shredder that will eat everything?  Feed and forget?  Then check out this shredder by Fellowes.  Great for casual or home office use.
  • iPhone 4/iPad 2: If you haven’t figured it out from my blog, I pretty much run an Apple shop.  I don’t travel far without my trusty iPhone or iPad.  I wouldn’t use another phone and the iPad has already replaced my laptop.


Here are the tools that I use for my blog.

  • WordPress: WordPress is the #1 blogging platform.  I like it because it grows with you.  It can handle the smallest personal blog or the largest company blog.  It is free and there is lots of customization possible.  If you want to test it out without setting up your own hosting, check out WordPress.com.  If you want to install it on your own domain, check out WordPress.org.
  • HostGator: I use HostGator for my blog hosting.  They offer simple quick setup and 1-Click installation of WordPress.  They have been extremely reliable for me.
  • Blue Yeti Microphone: I use this microphone for my videos and podcasts.  If you need a USB microphone, look no further.  A touch more expensive than some, but well worth the investment.

Social Media

I often get asked about social media by friends just starting out.  Here are some tools and advice I recommend.

  • HootSuite: Hootsuite is my choice for Twitter.  Give you a nice clean overview of your Twitter lists without being too cluttered.  Has many powerful features such as scheduling and the ability to also handle your Facebook fan pages.  I use it on my Mac, as well as my iPhone.
  • Social Media 101 by Chris Brogan – Recently, I got asked by a close friend to help another friend get their business started with social media.  After a 45 minute phone conversation, I realized that I could have just as effectively told them to read Chris Brogan’s Social Media 101 book.  If you are starting out in social media this is the starting guide.  Get it now.