Email – Only 5 lines?

If you Twitter a lot… you know that every character counts.  140 is not a lot to say. So, you find yourself omitting words, leaving out spaces, changing before to b4, etc.

I wonder how much Twitter is changing our current langauge/communication styles?  Simple words like “very” are replacing fancy words like “extremely.”  Poor words like “the” and double spaces at the end of sentences are disappearing as quickly as global warming.

The other day I was writing some emails and noticed that I was being very brief.  Also, I had adopted some Twitterism’s…leaving out unnecessary words here or there.

Which got me thinking… What if all emails were limited?  Maybe to an arbitrary 5 lines?

What would be some of the benefits?

  • Quicker reading of messages
  • Emails would have to focus on the most important details of the message
  • People would stop wasting time writing marathon emails
  • Co-workers would be forced to actually have a conversation when the topic was more than brief thought

What are you thoughts?  Would limiting emails to 5 lines increase productivity in the workplace?