Being Ready for Your Workday Feels Great!

Advance Preparation is the Key to a Successful Day

Being Ready Feels GreatAre you ready for your workday?

Prepared to charge into your day’s activities? Set to take on life’s challenges as they come?

Or will you make it up as you go? Stumbling through your appointments and obligations, all the worse for the wear.

Being ready for your day makes everything go easier.

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Stop Waiting for Work to Come to You

Do Your Work, Rather than Waiting for Tasks to Arrive

Stop Waiting for WorkDo you sit around and wait for work to come to you?

If you are waiting for tasks to come to you, then you probably aren’t being very productive.

Not only does this type of “reactive productivity” show a lack of initiative, but it is a bigger problem because if you are waiting for work to come to you, it means you aren’t doing your own work.

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Meetings Do Not Produce Results

If There is Nothing Accomplished in Your Meetings, Why Have Them?

Meetings Do Not Produce ResultsI recently attended a meeting, and as everyone departed, I heard one of the participants say, “What did we accomplish in there?”

Another attendee replied, “I can’t remember anything.”

If this is how your company’s meetings are perceived, then you need to re-evaluate how your team is spending it’s time.

Is your company guilty of meeting instead of working?

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Fill Up Your Calendar Before Others Do

5 Tips to Better Manage Your Calendar

Fill Up Your CalendarWe all dread that overloaded view of our calendar with overlapping meetings, double (and triple) bookings, and more.

If you find yourself running from one meeting to the next, you need to re-evaluate your calendar.

And ironically, the reason your calendar is overloaded is because you didn’t fill it up in the first place.

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Manage your projects easily.

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