5 Times to Say No to Yourself to Stay Productive

Get More Done by Asking, "What Shouldn't I Be Doing?"

pablo (32)You have an important task or looming deadline.

Yet, you find yourself surfing the Internet, checking your social feeds, or reading the news.

To stay on task, sometimes you need to ask yourself, “What shouldn’t I be doing right now?

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You Can Plan Anywhere

Get Creative with Your Planning Location

You Can Plan AnywhereI do some of my best planning at the gym.

Really, I do.

You might think that planning would get in the way of working out. However, it is “being in the zone” that frees my mind to come up with many of the ideas that my brain has been accumulating.

Where do you do your best planning?

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Building a Course from Scratch Today… LIVE

What Could YOU Do in 48 Hours?


I’m set up in Atlanta with two friends of mine (both online entrepreneurs) where we’re going to be doing something crazy the next couple of days.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to tackle what we’re calling “Project LAUNCH.” Starting shortly, we’re going to be broadcasting on projectlaunch.live as we dig into the process of creating and launching an online course over the next 48 hours.

Are we crazy? Only time will tell!

Between the three of us, we have a unique set of skills and experience we plan to put to good use.

  1. John Meese is a full-time blogger and online education specialist,
  2. Wes Wages runs his own video production agency, and
  3. I’m the Time Management Ninja, (one of the most popular productivity blogs on the web.)

If you’ve ever considered starting an online business… this course we’re creating is for you.

Click here to get updates on Project LAUNCH throughout today and tomorrow.

This is a great opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at creating digital products!

P.S. Tune in throughout the weekend at projectlaunch.live, and click here to get updates every few hours.

Turn Your Dream into Reality…in 48 Hours

Could You Start an Online Business in 2 days?

pablo (28)You’ve thought about it. Dreamed about it. Talked about it. It’s on your “Goal List.”

But you just can’t get your online brand built, or product launched.

You know it would take weeks, months or even years to figure out your niche, build your tribe, and launch your product. Or would it?

It’s Time to Produce

We all talk about our big plan, but few of us do it.  While I’ve successfully launched my online business, my struggle has been creating that next thing – another course.  But now I’m going to make that happen, in just 48 hours, and you get a front row seat.

That’s right, I’m teaming up with 2 entrepreneurs THIS WEEKEND to create a full-blown course on how to launch an online business from scratch. You’ll be able to watch our progress, see how we create a course in just 48 hours, and then start your own online business, product or brand.

Together, John Meese (sold over $10,000 to a list under 250), Wes Williams (who runs his own successful film studio), and I will be teaming up in Atlanta on Friday (TOMORROW!) – but before then I need you to give me YOUR input – so we can custom tailor the course to fit your needs.

Create the Online Presence of Your Dreams

CLICK HERE to complete the survey so I can learn about your online business interest, and help design a course exactly for YOU.

We’ll be creating this course on live video, over a period of 48 hours. Expect more updates on Friday when we kick this thing off!

Prioritize Your Projects to Get More Done

Factoring Your Projects with the Prioirity Triangle

pablo (26)

This is a guest post by “Captain D.”  At eighteen, when most young lads were fighting angry professors in college, Captain D was fighting the waves of the roaring North Atlantic.  He is now in command of one of the largest Ocean liners in the world. In his blog The Soul Creator, he details specific workable strategies to be a winner in life. 

We often get hit by different jobs at a rate higher than we can work them out.

The Bosporus Strait is the narrow stretch of water between The Marmara Sea on the Turkish coast and Black sea bordering Russia, and one of the most painfully congested areas to navigate on earth.  The sea ahead seemed choppy and unruly. Wind speed was picking up fast.

As Commander, I had several quick decisions to make. Things on deck needed to be secured. The Pilot needed to disembark before high waves hit us, and before it became impossible to get him off the vessel. The possibility of slowing down to avoid impending disaster had to be assessed. Traffic ahead of us gave little room to maneuver. All departments needed to be informed so that they can start preparing for bad weather immediately. All this in a matter of minutes.

Too many things at once? Well, that’s just another day for us out at sea.

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