Don’t Call a Meeting When You Should Send an Email Instead

Better Communication Means Fewer Meetings

Have you ever finished a meeting and thought, “Wow. We could have saved a lot of time if we had simply sent an email to the group.”

Instead, 12 people were summoned to a conference room to sit and listen to someone read their homework out loud to the team.

These “bad meetings” are a big productivity waster in most companies.

Look at your calendar. Could your next meeting be replaced with a simple email?

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10 Reasons You Should Go to Bed Early and Get Up Early

The Early Bird Gets More Rest and Still Gets Up Early

Are you an early bird? Rising before everyone else. Getting a head start before the day begins.

Or are you an night owl? Staying up into the darkness. Working long after everyone else has given in for the day.

I use the early morning hours for writing, planning, and working out. These are my top tasks of the day. And the ones that usually get pushed aside by the hustle and bustle of the day.

By going to bed early and getting up early, you can make sure that put your priorities first.

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7 Secrets to Ending Meetings on Time

Tips to Prevent Long Meetings from Disrupting Your Schedule

We have all been there.

You are in a meeting that seems to go on forever.

It is well past the appointed end time and someone is still talking like they could go on all day.

You have long stopped listening and instead have started worrying about how the rest of your day is going to be impacted. You are already late for your next meeting, and the rest of your day is going to be thrown off schedule.

How do you prevent meetings from going over their time?

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10 Ways the iPhone Forever Changed Our Productivity

Ten Years Ago Today, iPhone Changed the World

Ten years ago today, Steve jobs introduced the iPhone on stage. It is still one of the best keynote speeches of all time. (You should watch it.)

I don’t think it can be overstated that, “The iPhone forever changed the world.”

It flipped so many industries on their head, from telecom to music to software to video games to entertainment to photography.

And of course, it forever change our lives. How we work, how we play, and how we relate to each other.

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Start the New Year

Reflect Long Enough on Last Year to Plan for This Year

Today is the first day back at work for many after the New Year holiday.

Chances are, you are probably headed back to a “mess” of stuff to clean up at work.

Many people were probably stressed yesterday about which tasks were leftover from before the break, as well as what new things they were running into starting the new year.

Yet, before you let the mad rush of the New Year overwhelm you, it’s a good time to get a little perspective.

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Six Tips for Creating Balance Between Work and Life

Balance Your Busy Life

This is a guest post by Audrey Throne, a blogger who writes on health, technology and management. She loves to discover new places and share experiences in words.

Every job has its challenges.

However, one of the biggest challenges faced by employees is creating a balance between work and life.There are times when you need to carry on with your work and personal life side by side; in fact one becomes the support for the other, but there are times when you need to know how to keep them apart.

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