TMN Sponsor of the Week: Julie Desk


Julie Desk is an AI-based virtual assistant that helps you save time and gain productivity by scheduling all your appointments via email. 

Executives spend about half a day a week on scheduling: going back-and-forth with emails to find a date that works for everyone,  sending the invitations, (and often rescheduling, canceling or postponing!)  Scheduling meetings and keeping your agenda up to date is a time-consuming task and not everyone can afford a personal assistant to do it. (Not to mention, most personal assistants would rather focus on other things). Now you can delegate this task to Julie, save time and gain productivity!

How? It is as simple as an email! Simply “CC” Julie in an email when you need to schedule a meeting, and she will start to converse with the recipient(s) until she finds a date that works for everyone. Then, she confirms the meeting and sends the invitations. She knows when and where to host it, because you’ve added all your preferences in the settings, such as:

  • Where to hold meetings
  • When to hold meetings
  • When NOT to hold meetings
  • and more…

Unexpected event come up?  Email Julie, and she will cancel or postpone all of your meetings, saving you numerous steps, and much time.

Julie is supervised by a team of executive supervisors, to avoid any risks of misunderstanding and guarantee the quality of her service.  Julie is the best of machine and human intelligence combined.

Julie is a very unique tool! She saves me hundreds of emails a week; not only saving me time, but also makes me so much more efficient.” said Jason McDonald Director at StringCan Interactive.

What could you do with one more hour a day?  Try Julie Desk for Free, and find out.


5 Productivity Promises You Won’t Keep

Are You Over-promising Your Time Commitments?

pablo (39)Do you make promises that your time can’t keep?

Simple ones like, “I’ll only be a minute.”

Silly ones like, “Give me a second.”
Really, one second?

Or bad ones like, “I will call you back today.”
Yet, you don’t write it down or set an alarm.

You need to stop making commitments that you can’t or won’t keep.

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5 Ways to Master a Healthy Breakfast without Breaking a Sweat

Your Productivity at Work Depends on the Right Food

pablo (35)

This is a guest post by Michael Lingenfelter. From professional dancer to fitness and nutrition expert,  Michael helps make health and fitness fun and possible for busy people at

Do you find yourself skipping breakfast because you don’t have enough time in the morning? Or, even worse, grabbing a breakfast that is quick, but unhealthy?

Starting your day off with an unhealthy breakfast can not only impact your pant size — it can also negatively impact your productivity at work. A study published in the journal Population Health Management showed that unhealthy eating is linked with a 66 percent increase in loss of productivity.

“To stay productive, you need to fuel yourself with the right foods.”

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The Right Time is Always Right Now

Stop Putting Things Off Waiting for the Perfect Time

Right Now is the Right Time

You may be asking yourself, “When is the right time to start?”

To begin your big goal. To commence working out. Or even just to do the tasks on your task list.

The answer is always the same… “Right now is the right time.”

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