TMN Podcast #1 – iPhone X Review

I have been asked for a long time about starting a Time Management Ninja podcast.

This past weekend, I recorded a first episode with my friend Ken.

It is a casual chat about the new iPhone X. We are both die-hard Apple users, so if you want to hear some details about FaceID, the new screen, and even the UI tweaks then take a listen.

I am using for my podcasting platform. It is unique in that not only can I publish podcast episodes, but you as listeners can actually “call in” and leave messages and questions to my channel.

Check out my TMN channel here.

Download the app for your phone and you will be able to listen to my TMN postings. Today, is all about the iPhone X, but future episodes will be about other productivity topics including: time management, organization, and goal planning.

You can also add the podcast to your traditional podcast apps. The podcast episodes will be listed in the traditional iTunes and Google Play directories.

Anchor – Time Management Ninja

Listen to Anchor audio from Time Management Ninja: Craig Jarrow’s Time Management Ninja… productivity, technology, and organization tips.

I’d love to hear your feedback. And by all means get on Anchor and “call in” to leave me your questions and comments.  You can ask about the iPhone X… and any time management related topics.

5 Tips to Skip Meetings That Are A Waste of Time

What Meetings Should You Skip Today?

Not all meetings are created equal.

In fact, most are downright wastes of time. Sometimes, they are simply gatherings of employees to discuss a topic that no one is prepared for and that no one will take action on afterwards.

Today, I want to give you some tips to help you determine which meetings are worth your time, and the ones you should avoid.

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5 Reasons to Send 5 Emails Before You Start Your Day

Let Your Email Get Work Done While You Do Other Things

We usually think of it as time waster.

It can dominate your day if you let it.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate email’s potential as a productivity tool and time saver.

Email was intended to let us communicate quickly and directly with others. When used to your advantage, it can be a powerful time management tool.

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The Side Hustle Journal

Turning 9 to 5'ers to Entrepreneurs

Today, I wanted to share with you a product I’m following on Kickstarter.

I’m in no way affiliated with the product or company, and won’t make a dime off any sale. I just like the product, met the founder, and thought I’d share it with my readers who share my interest for all things productivity.

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Which Direction is Your Life Going, Forward or Backward?

Move Your Life Forward Every Single Day

Each day is a new chance. An opportunity to move your life forward towards your goals and dreams.

It is also a day in which you could move in the opposite direction. You could do things that move you further from your objectives.

Which direction is your life moving, forward or reverse?

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8 Tips to Keep Your Desk Clutter Free

How to Keep Your Workspace Clean

Take a look at your desk right now. Is it clean?

Or perhaps, it is covered in clutter and things that you need to put away.

It’s more difficult to get your work done when your workplace is covered in stuff.

Today, I have 8 tips to help your keep your workspace clean.

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