5 Tips to Stop Wasting Time Making Decisions

Stop Procrastinating Decisions and Start Making Them

Wasting Time Making DecisionsWe live in a FOMO world.

Everyone is afraid of “missing out” or being “left out.” We have too many choices and more options than every before.

This can lead to decision paralysis. After all, why make a choice now, if a better option may become available tomorrow.

Are you spending more time pondering decisions, than actually acting on them?

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6 Tips to Help You Work First, so You Can Play at Ease

Don't Confuse Things You Want to Do with Things You Need to Do

Work Frist, play laterYou are supposed to be doing an important project.

When suddenly, you realize that you are doing something else entirely. It’s easy to confuse the things you want to do with the things you need to do.

Before you know it, you have spent hours on mindless, often meaningless, tasks.

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5 Reasons Why You Must Capture Any and All Contact Information

Are You Disciplined in Maintaining Your Address Book?

Capture All Contact InfoWhat was that phone number? Or that email? Or that mailing address?

When you need contact information, you don’t want to be scrambling around to find it at the last moment.

In these days of Internet and smartphones, it is amazing how important it still is to maintain a good address book.

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10 Hard Truths You Must Know to Beat Procrastination

Do You Know How to Defeat These Productivity Killers?

Hard Truths to Beat Procrastination

This is a guest post by Stephen Roe. Stephen applies the scientific method to personal development. For help beating procrastination each morning (even if you struggle with willpower), download his free guide Habit-Forming Morning Routines.

No matter how hard you try, it seems you never finish that one task or project.

You decide to do it today, but it’s still on your todo list tomorrow.

You’ve procrastinated so much on it, you’ve lost all hope of even starting, let alone completing that task.

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10 Ways I Save Time with a Virtual Webmaster

Why You Should Delegate Your Website Tasks

Save Time with Virtual WebmasterToday’s post is a little different. I am going to give you a peek behind the scenes of Time Management Ninja.

I want to discuss how I maintain my website for those that are interested and may be trying to do the same for their brand or business. Or more specifically, I want to tell you about how I don’t maintain my site.

To maximize my own productivity, I have delegated the day-to-day maintenance tasks of my site to a virtual webmaster.

Read on, to learn how I save time running my online brand instead of my website.

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