4 Benefits Of Rising Early and How To Master Morning Wake-ups

Get Up Earlier to Increase Your Productivity

4 Benefits of Rising Early

This is a guest post by Sophia Mest. Content Manager at BizDb, she aspires to put her writing passion into practice and spread her words across the world.

Nothing helps to start a day on a productive note like waking up early can.

Rising early in the morning is worth the effort. Becoming an early riser will give you more time to achieve your goals.

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Are You Taking Your Notes in All the Wrong Places?

5 Tips to Keep Your Notes All in One Place

Taking Notes in Wrong PlacesWhere do you take notes?

That is a tough question for many to answer. In fact, a note-taking tool is usually the tool missing from most time management toolkits.

Todo lists, calendars, and even address books are pretty common. But, as simple as they need to be, not everyone has a note-taking tool at their disposal.

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5 Steps to Stage Your Project and Be More Productive

Staging Your Way to Productivity

5 Steps to Stage Your Project

This is a guest post by Steven Ovadia, a writer and librarian. He curates The Linux Setup and is writing “Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches.”

You have a bunch of work projects.  So you begin the process of transferring first-steps and ideas to your to-do list.

This might get some projects started, but it might not be the best way to get them completed.

You are missing the big picture. You can’t see how the projects fit in with each other.

To understand the projects better, to be more productive,  you must break them down into tasks.

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Clean Up Your Phone for Increased Productivity

When Was the Last Time You Organized Your Phone?

Clean Up Your PhoneYou spend time cleaning your office, your car, and even your bedroom. You also spend countless hours filing paper and email.

Yet, when was the last time you cleaned up your phone?

Is it as organized as the rest of your life, or is it a mess of unused apps, notifications, and more?

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Always Give Yourself More Time Than You Think You Need

Don’t Underestimate the Time Needed to Complete Your Tasks

Give Yourself More TimeAre you guilty of not allowing enough time for even life’s simple tasks?

You end up rushing because you didn’t allow enough time for getting ready, traveling to obligations, and finishing last-minute work.

Not allowing enough time is a sure recipe for stress, disorganization, and wasted time.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity in Creative Work

How to Be More Creative in Less Time

pablo (12)Creative work is hard.

New ideas take time. And effort.

These endeavors never seem productive. They require long periods of brainstorming, often requiring solitude or isolation. (Although sometimes teams work, too.)

Is it possible to get your creative work done faster?

Creating Faster

How do you create? Where do your new ideas come from?

If your work involves creating new concepts, you know that the process can be tough.

You write. You brainstorm. You think.

Sometimes the ideas come. And sometimes they don’t.

Yet, there are ways that you can increase your creative productivity.

Some people use rituals to get their mindset just right. Or special ways to get themselves “in the zone.”

While there is not one simple way to simply “be more creative,” there are proven techniques to help you create faster.

Here are 5 Ways to Help You Increase Your Creative Productivity:

  1. Do it Quick – A rough first draft is better than no draft. As well, an initial cut at something often gets the creativity flowing. So, make your first version quickly… and see what comes. If you are writing… just write. If you are brainstorming… post on the board whatever comes to mind.
  2. Play – Creating is hard work. Yet, one of the best ways to come up with ideas is to “play.” Have fun, joke, go out-side-the-lines. When you play, you will come up with creative ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.
  3. Draw or Write – It takes a particular type of person to be creative on a computer or when typing. Most people create best when they use simple tools like pen and paper. Write, draw, use a whiteboard. Manual tools will often get you going more than staring at a blank computer screen.
  4. Repeat – Repetition is one of the best ways to hone your ideas. Redo that initial rough draft.  If you are pitching an idea, keep repeating it over and over. You will improve with each iteration.
  5. Start Over – Another great technique is to start from scratch each time you try to improve your ideas. It can feel like a step back, but each time you do, you will create slightly different and better angles on your concepts.

Increase Your Creative Productivity

Creating new ideas is hard.

Finding time to develop those ideas can be harder.

With a few small changes in your creative process, you might find you can create faster, and increase your creative productivity.

Question: How do you increase your creative productivity? You can leave a comment by clicking here.