Fill Up Your Calendar Before Others Do

5 Tips to Better Manage Your Calendar

Fill Up Your CalendarWe all dread that overloaded view of our calendar with overlapping meetings, double (and triple) bookings, and more.

If you find yourself running from one meeting to the next, you need to re-evaluate your calendar.

And ironically, the reason your calendar is overloaded is because you didn’t fill it up in the first place.

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TMN Sponsor of the Week: actiTIME


actiTIME is online time management software making time tracking and project management easy and effortless. You can say goodbye to remembering how long you spent working on a project.  You and your team will get up to speed fast and can track their time at the desk or on-the-go.

Capture every billable minute.

Keep track of how long your tasks and projects took to complete. Set up billing rates for tasks and issue accurate invoices for your clients.

Create dozens of reports in one click.

Keep up-to-date on your overall business progress with powerful actiTIME reports.  Evaluate employee performance, calculate billable amounts and cost of work, compare estimates with the actual work performed with a number of custom report and charts.

Manage your projects easily.

With task deadlines, time estimates and notifications you will always stay on top of your projects, you team will stick to the plan and deliver results on time. Understanding of your current work and historical records will make your next project even better.

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6 Simple Steps to Achieve Inbox Zero

How I Manage an Inbox That Gets about 500 Emails a Day

6 Steps to Inbox Zero

This is a guest post by Heather Baker.  When she’s not embracing real life (offline, sans gadgets), Heather Baker wears her mantle as TopLine Comms founder and CEO with all the enthusiasm you’d expect of a PR pundit and inbound marketing afficionado.

If you’re like me you have a constant stream of emails arriving in your inbox, some of them needing almost immediate attention.

When we first opened shop eight years ago my partner and I had only a small handful of clients to service in our marketing firm. My inbox reflected as much, with daily emails rarely reaching double digits.

As time went by and we started closing more and more pitches, comms increased exponentially. Until one day I opened my laptop and found in excess of 500 emails waiting for me. At that point I realized the time for being reactive had come and gone.

You’ve likely reached that point too.  What we need is a solid, proactive plan for keeping our inbox at zero. I tested a few different approaches before finally landing on this one. It’s as effective as it is simple.

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5 Ways to Choose Happiness

Why Your Attitude Determines Your Reality

Choose Happiness
How is your day going to be today?

Is this going to be another boring day? One that leaves your complaining about work? Or one that runs you ragged?

That doesn’t sound that fun. That sounds like a bad day.

Yet, the secret is that you have a choice. You can let life push you around. Or you can keep your head held high no matter what life throws at you.

Your attitude determines your reality each day.

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5 Tips on Juggling Your Family and Your Business

You Can Have Work-Life Balance


This is a guest post by Dolly Santos. Dolly Santos is an information junkie. She loves researching and learning about new topics. At DollyMath she compiles thoughtful educational articles based on her conscientious analysis of available information.

When you’re a business owner, your business can consume your life.

All fine details that go into running the business divert time and energy from your family. Creating a balance is a necessity if you want to stay sane.

What are some ways you can be successful at business and at home?

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