You Have to Push Yourself to Get Ahead

Stop Going through the Motions, and Start Succeeding

Push Yourself to Get AheadAre you just going thru the motions, repeating yourself each day?

Do the same things?
Giving the minimal effort?
Settling to be average?

To rise above and succeed at your goals… you need to leave your comfort zone and push your limits.

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5 Common Mistakes People Make Spending Their Time

Are You Spending Your Time on the Right Things?

pablo (7)Time is a currency.

It is what makes up life. And it is the one thing in life that you cannot replace.

You don’t get more later. You can’t directly buy more. And, ironically, you truly never know how much you have left.

Ask, “What am I spending my time on?” The answer might surprise you.

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TMN Sponsor of the Week: Julie Desk.



She schedules your meetings.

No more back and forth email to find a slot that suits everyone. Just send an email to Julie and she will do it for you. You just have to wait for the invitation on your calendar.

She knows your preferences.

No meetings on Monday mornings? Have a favorite restaurant? Once you have told all your preferences to Julie, she follows them to make sure she schedules your meetings exactly the way you would have done it.

She speaks natural language.

Julie won’t use any robotic language to converse with your or your contacts. She uses Natural Language, like anyone, so no risk of misunderstanding.

She is 100% supervised by human.

Robots are great, especially Julie, but they do not want to mess your meetings up: every action done by Julie is validated by an executive supervisor to avoid any mistakes and guarantee a high level service.


Bad Planning on Your Part, Shouldn’t Be an Emergency on My Part

Don't Let Other's Poor Planning Create Unneeded Urgencies

pablo (5)You are just getting to your work when your boss rushes in with a “last-minute emergency.”

He or she needs something right now.

But, the irony is when you look at the email they sent, the information in it is weeks old. The “emergency” is really just because they procrastinated.

Do others create emergencies for you, because of bad planning on their part?

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10 Time Management Tasks You Can Do in Under a Minute

Small Time Management Tasks Now, Can Save Big Time Later

Time Management Tasks in Under a MinutePeople often think that they don’t have time for time management.

I don’t have time to plan, time to organize, or time to get to my todo list.

Yet, the biggest results of managing your time are from the small things that you do. The minor habits and tactics that often take moments of your time.

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Why You Shouldn’t Schedule Meetings Longer than One Hour

The Problem with 90-Minute Meetings

pablo (2)People have a hard time attending meetings that are longer than one hour.

Maybe it’s today’s ADD. Or perhaps, it’s just that any meeting that long is a waste of many people’s time.

Either way, there is almost no reason to schedule a meeting for over 60 minutes.

If you do, you’re scheduling more time than is necessary or productive.

The Dreaded 90-Minute Meeting

When people really want to get something done, what do they typically do?

They schedule a really long meeting.

The dreaded 90-minute (or two-hour) meeting invite arrives in your inbox.

Even before you accept it, you know that a large chunk of your day will not be productive.

The irony here is that most “long meetings” get scheduled because someone is disorganized, uninformed, or needs other people to do their work. They want to get more done, but they are really accomplishing the opposite.

Scheduling meetings for more than an hour in non-productive. You lose people’s interest, energy, and attention.

Even worse, meetings will always expand to fill the allowed time. People will show up late, there will be wasted chit-chat, and even joking about “how much time there is” for the discussion.

Keep Those Meetings Short

Most meetings should be 30 minutes (or less).

An hour is about the maximum amount of time that produces productive discussion on one topic.

Avoid anything above that timeframe, as expanding the time doesn’t expand the results.

Shorter meetings are better meetings and don’t take up valuable time in your day.

Question: How long do you schedule meetings for? Does your organization hold 90 minute meetings? You can leave a comment by clicking here.