7 Ways To Keep Your Focus and Conquer Distractions

Be Attentive and Get More Done

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This is a guest post by Armela Escalona.  You can find more of her work at Scoopfed, where she is a blogger, content marketer and editor.

Sometimes it’s  hard to focus on work.

Zig Ziglar said, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

More than anything, focus helps us improve our performance. It allows us to finish tasks on time and handle each stressful moment with ease.

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Doing Things Right Usually Only Takes a Few Seconds

A Little Time Now Saves A Lot of Time Later

pablo (21)We often create more work for ourselves.

We leave things out, instead of putting them away.

We leave a task almost done, but not completely finished.

Or we procrastinate on a something until we have to research the original deatils of the task needed to be performed.

Yet, doing things right the first time… usually only takes a few extra seconds.

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5 Tips to Stop Putting Off Your Goals Until Later

Set Your Plans in Motion to Reach Your Goals

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This is a guest post by Melissa Chu, founder of Jump Start Your Dream Life, where she helps people find time to do what they love and create an impact through their work. You can get the guide that shows you how to get started on your goals today.

You look at others who excel in their field and imagine that you’ll be just like them someday.

With these ambitions and hopes floating in your mind, you get to work, turn on the computer, and then…

You’re laughing at the latest viral video, browsing through your social media, and wondering what the latest gossip is for today.

What happened? Where did all your dreams and ambitions go? It was only moments earlier that you were all pumped and ready to work on your goals.

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8 Elements Every Leader Needs to Optimize Team Efficiency

Leadership Lessons from a Ship's Captain

8 Elements Every Leader Needs

This is a guest post by “Captain D.”  At eighteen, when most young lads were fighting angry professors in college, Captain D was fighting the waves of the roaring North Atlantic. Learn more about his eventful life journey at his blog The Soul Creator, which details specific workable strategies to be a winner in life.

The deadline is looming. You have a big project to get done.

The team needs to work together.  There is a crucial job to complete and everyone is stressed.

However, you know “the buck stops here.” Sound familiar?

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Some Tasks Are Better Deleted Than Completed

You Don't Have to Do Everything You Put on Your List

Some Tasks Deleted

Some days it seems that your todo list is endless.

You wonder if you will ever get to all of your work.

The simple truth is that you can’t do it all. It’s simply not possible.

The good news is that you shouldn’t try to do everything on your list. Many of the tasks you have added to your todo list should probably be left undone.

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