Are You Guilty of Starting Tasks But Not Finishing Them?

What was the last task you were working on?
How did you leave it? Was it done?

Perhaps, you left it partially done. Or you picked up another task before you finished the former. Or maybe you just set it down to complete later.

Are you guilty of starting your work, but never quite getting it to done?

Starting is the Easy Part

Most people can start things.

They begin tasks. They initiate new activities. They even embark on new life goals.

Yet, it’s easy to start to something. The hard part is actually getting these endeavors to completion.

And it’s getting to the finish line that counts.

“Starting is the easy part, it’s getting task to done that really counts”

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Here are just a few reasons you aren’t finishing your tasks:

  • Talking About Your Work Doesn’t Get It Done – Talking about your work and goals can be good. It brings awareness and accountability. But, it doesn’t actually get work done. You have to put in the work .
  • Planning Doesn’t Get It Done EitherPlanning your work is key to being productive. Yet, even the best plans don’t work themselves. Intent is good, but you still have to get busy and execute your plan
  • Starting a Task Doesn’t Mean You’ll Finish It – Whether it is a presentation you have to write or just a simple clean-up job, starting a job is good. You’ve overcome some resistance. But, sticking with it and following through to completion is just as important. Don’t let distractions and interruptions keep you from finishing the work.
  • Multi-tasking Gets Even Less Done – Starting something else at the time, just leads to more tasks started and less done. Multi-tasking can be a tempting way to try to get more done. However, it usually just ends up dividing your attention and efforts. Stick with the task in front of you before starting another.

The Power of Completion

Today, concentrate on finishing tasks to done.

Resist the temptation to put a task down if it can be completed now. Avoid starting a second task and diverting your attention before you finished with the one at hand.

Let the simple power of completing tasks to done drive your productivity to new levels.

Question: What tactics do you use to make sure you finish your work to completion? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Are You Guilty of Starting Tasks But Not Finishing Them?

  1. Thanks for this blog! My main issue was always that I was a massive procrastinator, my to-do list would just seem to grow and never shrink haha! Personally now I use the halo method and that really helps me get more done! For anyone interested, here’s the link to it:

  2. Great article! Definitely applies to me, when i work from home i don’t always finish my tasks. Going to take these tips with me, hopefully then that won’t happen again!

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