Free to Focus

A Productivity Master Course

If you want freedom from…

-The tyranny of your overflowing inbox
-The overwhelm of your endless to-do list
-The constant distractions derailing your day
-Never REALLY being able to work when you’re at work

… then this is for you.

Free to Focus

Free to Focus is a program that is all about helping busy high-achievers slay distractions, free their time from interruptions, and finally carve out margin for the people and projects that matter most.

The stories of past students are incredible:

-Professionals (and even stay-at-home parents) reclaiming 20+ hours in their week…
-Entrepreneurs rediscovering time for hobbies and family, while also upping their income…
-Business leaders finally focusing on high-leverage projects that actually move the needle…

Michael Hyatt JUST opened enrollment for his productivity master course, Free to Focus — and it’s made for people just like you and me. Busy, high-achievers who are looking for a more effective, fulfilling way to live and work.

Reclaim Your Time

Free to Focus is a full productivity system that’s like nothing else out there.

Reclaim up to 20 hours a week with these principles — and learn the frameworks to achieve more by doing less.

The course just opened this morning — and registration closes in a few days. Click HERE to enroll while you can!

Not ready to commit? Sign up for the FREE 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity webinar with Michael Hyatt. You’ll discover the hidden habits undermining your performance and how to change them. What if you could triple your productivity both at work and in your personal life? Tune in to hear more from Michael on how you can achieve this level of performance in your life.

Disclosure: Michael and I have known each other for many years, having met when we were both speaking at a conference. I am an affiliate for his Free to Focus course.

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