5 Tips to Be More Present and Productive

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and afterwards you can’t even remember what they said?

It was probably because you were busy doing something else while you were talking to them. Or you were distracted by your phone. Or your email.

If you want to be productive in your activities you need to be present in the moment.

Productivity Requires Being Present

Too many people are simply going through the motions when they interact with others. Doing email while chatting. Working on their laptop in meetings. Or talking on their phone while driving.

It usually leads to the awkward: “Did you hear what I asked?” Or the even more awkward, “Can you repeat that?”

It means you weren’t paying attention to the matter at hand. Your mind was elsewhere or preoccupied. Not only is this behavior disrespectful, it’s not productive. Conversations take longer. Tasks have to be repeated.

To maximize your efforts you need to be present.
Not just in body, but in mind.

Being productive requires being present in the moment.

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Being present isn’t easy. Especially in our hyper-connected lives. There are too many things competing for your attention and you have to be disciplined about being present in the now.

Being present means paying attention. It means focusing on the person and matter at hand, and not something else.

Here are 5 Tips to help you be More Present and Productive:

  1. Turn Off the Technology – Our phones and other technology are great enablers but they are also the single most distractor in our lives. You don’t need to check your notifications while in a meeting. Read your email during dinner. Or talk on the phone while driving.
  2. Make Eye Contact – Somewhere along the way, people forgot that you are suppose to actually look at the person while in conversation. Give you attention to the person you are with by looking at them and making eye contact while talking.
  3. Tune Out distractions – Don’t let your body be present but your mind is somewhere else. Put aside the daydreaming or looking out the window. Stay focused on the issue at hand. Don’t let your attention wander to other topics.
  4. Disallow Interruptions – Prevent interruptions from breaking up your presence and focus. Interruptions only derail your efforts if you let them. From phones to other people physically walking in, stop interruptions from stopping your work. Don’t answer the phone when busy, and shut the door if you need uninterrupted privacy.
  5. Interact and Participate – Being physically present is only part of the equation when it comes to being present. You have to participate. Whether it is a meeting or a one-on-one chat, be a part of the discussion.

Being Present in the Now

Don’t be the individual that everyone knows isn’t paying attention.

Rather, be the one who is passionate and interested in the now and what is currently happening.

Your life and productivity are both enhanced when you actively participate in what is going on around you. And nothing is more productive than being present in the moment.

Question: How do you ensure you are present in your daily activities? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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