What If You Could Do Only 3 Tasks Today?

Limit Your Todos to Increase Your Productivity

Chances are, you are trying to do too much.

Your todo list is a mile long and getting longer.

What if you could only get 3 tasks done today?
Which would you choose and why?

Limiting Time and Limited Tasks

Trying to cram too many todos into your day results in unneeded stress and complications. As well, you will end up with more tasks started than completed.

What if you knew that you could only complete 3 tasks today?

How would limiting your tasks change your outlook and approach to your day?

  • You would change your calendar to dedicate time to your most important items.
  • Tasks of lesser importance would have to wait until another day.
  • You would be selective about how and with whom you spent your time.
  • Only your most important tasks would get attention and focus.
  • You would discover that some of the things you thought were a priority, simply were not that pressing.

Less Tasks, More Accomplished

By restricting what you do each day, you will find that those few important tasks get the time and attention they need to reach completion.

Try limiting your tasks for today to only a few items.

When you challenge yourself to do less, you will often find that you accomplish more.

Question: Which 3 of your todo list tasks would you do today, if you had to pick only three? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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