5 Tips to Change Your Day from Chaotic to Constructive

Are you ready for your day?

This means being ready before it begins.

It involves being prepared before you begin your day’s activities.

And it usually means that you did your homework.

Starting Your Day without a Plan

Most people charge into their day without a plan.

In fact, most don’t even know what they are going to do until they arrive at work. A good percentage of those, still don’t have a clue until after drinking their second cup of coffee and socializing with their co-workers.

Most of these individuals then go through the chaotic dance of rushing from one task and meeting to the next. Not even sure what they are accomplishing.

If only they took the few minutes in advance to prepare they would be much more effective in their actions.

“A good plan and a little preparation, outperforms busyness every time.”

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Not only is running around from task to task not fun, it isn’t very productive.

Here are 5 Tips to Make Sure You Get More Done by Being Ready for Your Day:

  1. Always Have a Plan – 5 minutes planning in the morning, can save you hours of wasted time in your day. Doubt it? Try it consistently for a week. You will find that you get more done, and waste less time and effort.
  2. Prepare Ahead of Time – Not being prepared isn’t fun. In fact, it is self-inflicted stress. Doubly so if you are the one in charge of others. Make sure you do the homework needed to be prepared for events, meetings, and even tasks.
  3. Know Your Priorities – Before you spend an inordinate amount of time on something that isn’t even important, make sure you have examined the priority of everything on your list. That way you can do the highest impact items first.
  4. Be Early – “Five minutes early is on time. At the appointed time is late.” Arriving early for meetings and appointments is always the most productive approach. You can get organized, or even catch your breath. As well, many opportunities arise from being present early. In business, the early bird finds the unexpected worm.
  5. Get Ready Ahead of time – Always get ready before you need to be. This might mean packing the night before a trip or event. It could be finishing a project before a deadline. Being ahead of the curve gives you time to adjust and even fix results when needed.

Do Your Homework for Better Productivity

Being ready before your day helps you be at your most productive.

A little planning and preparation goes a long way.

Always do your homework, and maximize your productivity today.

Question: What are your best tips for being ready in advance for your day? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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