Why You Should Let (Little) Bad Things Happen

When was the last time you intentionally let something drop?

A task you left undone? A deadline you let pass? Or opportunity that you let expire?

It may feel awkward, and you may naturally feel some guilt. However, sometimes you have to let the figurative ball drop.

Letting Little Bad Things to Happen

It’s not a good feeling when you accidentally fail to complete something.

Maybe you forgot about a task. Or you didn’t allow enough time to make a deadline. These are not fun things.

However, when appropriate, you should allow things to drop.

Let little bad things happen in your day. Don’t do that unimportant task. Let that trivial email go unanswered. Even, not return that phone call when needed.

“Letting little things drop can help you get more of the big things done.”

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It’s all about learning to let the little things fade into the background. And choosing which things not to do.

Sometimes, you should let (little) bad things happen in your life:

  • For yourself – When you aren’t getting your most important work done, it’s time to start dropping the lesser priority tasks. (Just because a phone rings doesn’t mean you need to answer it.) Often, you will find out later that you don’t even miss them.
  • For others – You can’t take care of everyone. And sometimes you need to let others take care of themselves.
  • For your kids – People are often overly protective of their kids. Yet, some of the most important lessons they will learn when they are young are about priorities and which things can and can’t be ignored.
  • For life – We all have the same amount of time in the day, and you simply you can’t do it all. Choose wisely what you will and won’t do.

Choose What You Let Drop

You can’t do it all. Nor should you try.

Sometimes, you have to let things drop. And you should.

Just make sure that you choose which balls you drop. Make those passes intentional.

Question: What little things do you need to choose to drop? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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