7 Steps for Taking Control of 2017

Leverage Goal-Setting to Design the Life You Want


If you’ve ever struggled to hit any of your goals…

Or if you have BIG plans for this year and need every possible advantage…

Make sure you reserve a spot for this:

7 Steps for Taking Control of 2017

It’s a free presentation but it will fill up super fast (which is why you need to reserve your spot).

New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt is going to show you, step-by-step, how to use goal-setting to take control of your days and turn them into the life you really want.

You’ll hear Michael share things like:

  • The one single strategy that will instantly make you 42% more likely to accomplish your goals — it’s shocking how many people miss it.
  • How to “quit-proof” your goals and ensure 2017 is the year you finally cross “that big one” off your list (you know which one I’m talking about!)
  • Why detailed action plans work against you and an alternate strategy that will take a huge weight off your shoulders.
  • The secret to sustaining your initial momentum and keep making progress toward your goals no matter what life throws at you.
  • The common and seemingly positive goal-setting strategy that is likely sabotaging your success, (and what to do instead).
  • and so much more!

All registrants will get a special workbook designed specifically for this presentation.

There are several different times to accommodate your schedule. See what works for you here:

7 Steps for Taking Control of 2017

By the end of the presentation, you’ll be crystal clear about how you can have your best year ever in 2017.

Question: Are you ready to take control of 2017 and finally meet your goals? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Disclosure: Michael and I have known each other for many years, having met when we were both speaking at a conference. I am an affiliate for his upcoming Best Year Ever course.

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