Always Take One Step Forward

One Step ForwardSome days don’t go as planned.

Other days you feel that no matter what you accomplish, you are further back than when you started.

Even on these days, it is important to always take one step forward.

Two Steps Back, Yet One Step Forward

You have days where you tear through your todo list. Nothing can stop you.

And then there are days when nothing seems to get done. Meetings dominate your schedule while emails and todos pile up.

In fact, on those days it feels like you end the day with more work than you started with.

It is on these non-productive days, that you need to make sure that you still get something done.

“Even on bad days, always know your one step forward.”

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On those days that push you backwards, you still need to take that one step towards your goals.

It can be a symbolic step. Or even a tiny one. Yet, one that shows your resolve in the face of adversity that you are still going to push forward.

Always One Step Forward

Some days will take you away from progress, dragging you in the wrong direction.

You will have days where you end up taking a few steps backwards from your goals. Yet, make sure you always take one step forward, as well.

You may not always make “net progress,” but you will still know you are pushing towards your goals.

Question: What is the one step forward you will take today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.