Is Your Time Management Garbage In, Garbage Out?

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Garbage In, Garbage Out is a concept in computer science meaning the quality of output is determined by the quality of the input.

How many times have you seen a productivity tip, life hack or DIY video, found it amazing, but never used it.  We find these “cool” ideas, but rarely implement them, even when we “share” or “pin” them on our social media. Why?

When we “input” those ideas, they aren’t quality input. We don’t think about it, study it, or take action. Usually we glance at it, and keep scrolling. Because we have a non-quality input, our output (or the way we implement the tip) ends up being poor quality too.  We don’t use it.

Quality Input = Quality Output

True productivity improvement requires quality input.  That’s why I’ve put together my time management course, 31 Days, 31 Ways to Time Management Mastery. The course is offered in two ways.

The self paced course, including workbook, is in PDF file form as a self-paced course, and is good for those of you who are truly motivated to work through a course alone.

However, we also offer the action-taker course, which delivers a new lesson to you each day. That ensures that you SEE a lesson daily, and take action on THAT day, and receive daily inspiration to do it now.  Receiving daily quality input, will result in a quality output that will give you real results in increasing your productivity and decreasing your stress.

The Input

The course include 31 strategy-packed lessons, each of which gives you:

  1. A Comprehensive Time Management Concept– Each of the 31 days presents a valuable, easy-to-understand time management approach.
  2. An Action Exercise — A simple workable activity for you to do that very day.
  3. A Ninja Tip— At the end of each chapter, you’ll get a clear-thinking takeaway from the ninja book of secrets to take what you’ve just learned one step further!

The Output

If you’ve tried before and always end up at the same place, (you know the story… overworked, overwhelmed, and piles of files everywhere,) maybe it’s time to try quality input: 31 Ways, 31 Days to Time Management Mastery.

You have 2 choices: You can keep trying the same thing, and getting the same results.  Garbage in, garbage out.

Or you can finally invest just 10 minutes a day toward the right ideas, behaviors and strategies to finally be more productive.

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