When Was the Last Time You Didn’t Rush?

I have a confession.  I didn’t get much done this weekend.

Ironically, I have several large projects in motion that will take up a considerable amount of my time.

And I can tell you… that I made zero progress on them this weekend.

In fact, you could say I didn’t do much at all.  This weekend I was off.

I was playing.  I was hanging out.  I was unplugged.

When was the last time that you didn’t rush?

When Do You Relax?

We live in a society that thrives on rushing.  Thrives on stress.  And thrives on drama.

(If you doubt this, turn on the news or any daytime talk show for just 5 minutes.)

In our daily lives, we are usually running from one thing to the next.  One activity to the next. One appointment to another.

So, when do you get away from the busyness?  When do you take time off?

“When do you actually relax?”

Ironically, this thought hit me, (no pun intended), as I was getting attacked by half a dozen 6 & 7 year olds at the local indoor playground.  I was up to my neck in plastic balls in the ball bin and was trying not to get hit by flying plastic projectiles.  (I found that the lower I sank in the sea of plastics balls, the smaller target area I presented to be pelted.  Good tip.)

But, what “hit” me was that many of us do not take the time to relax.  To do nothing. Even our weekends can be filled with appointments and running about.

I was speaking to another parent at the playground who was relating that they had 2 birthday parties, 3 sporting events, and concert  in the evening.  And that was just that day!  Wow.

For us, the weekend was not busy.  In fact, here are just some of the “non-busy” things that we did:

  • Played frisbee
  • Played Wii
  • Read books
  • Saw dinosaurs (look here)
  • Went to dinner at our favorite restaurant and listened to live music
  • Stayed up too late talking about nothing

What non-busy things did you do this weekend?

Time Management Is For You

We often talk here about getting more done.  We talk about eliminating time wasting activities and being more productive.

Some people see time management as always running, always trying to get more done.

But, I wanted to point out that from my perspective,  time management is really about getting your stuff done in the most efficient and effective manner… so that you can reclaim your time.

I believe that time management is so you don’t have to rush.  So you don’t have to stress.

And so you can relax when you want to do nothing.

When do you relax?  What non-busy things do you do?

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  • ChristySmith

    This is a great question and I had to think about it for a minute! (I always think that I am “always” busy.) My downtime is usually the transition time between the end of my regular workday and dinner. I have a glass of wine and sit in our living room looking out the picture window and just do nothing. Often my husband joins me and the kids run through as they are off on their different adventures, but that 60-90 minutes is critical for my mental sanity. It also provides a good segue from what I need to get done during the day to what I need to get done in the evening.