Busy Bee Syndrome – When Companies Mistake Busyness with Productivity

Busy Bee Syndrome

Productivity is an elusive quality for many companies.

Ironically, the more a company pursues productivity, the more it seems to slip through its fingers.

Additional resources end up clogging up the works. More rules, structure, and process create unneeded delays and bureaucracy. When activity does occur, companies tend to recognize busyness instead of progress.

Does your company promote the right behaviors to increase productivity, or has inefficiency become a self-fulfilling prophecy of your company’s busyness?

5 Ways to Reclaim Your Friday Productivity

It is Friday

Fridays can be tough.

In many workplaces, they are written off as non-productive days. This seems to happen even more during the summertime when people are taking time-off or vacation.

Yet, Fridays don’t have to be a wash when it comes to getting work done.

With some planning and discipline you can reclaim your Friday productivity.

Less Hurry, Less Stress, More Time

Hurry Less

Yesterday, I left for the airport 30 minutes late.

That one statement probably stresses many people out.

Thoughts of fighting traffic, hunting for a parking spot, scrambling through security, and sprinting to the gate. Nervous?

Yet, that is not what happened. In fact, it was a leisurely walk to the departure gate.

If you want to hurry less, you need to allow more time.

If It’s Not on Your List… Don’t Do It!

Task on Your List

It happens to all of us.

You’re hard at work doing an important task. Then, several minutes later you “wake up” to find yourself doing some meaningless item that popped up.

Your important work has been pushed to the side and you’re not sure when you will get back to it. In fact, thirteen emails and seventeen web searches later, you have forgotten all about your original task.

What do you do when you find yourself off task?