Respect the End of the Meeting

Respsect the End of the Meeting

I was recently in a meeting with about a dozen people.

The meeting’s end time arrived, and yet the meeting didn’t end.

In fact, it just kept going. The individual speaking kept droning on. People started getting uncomfortable in their seats and shuffling their belongings.

Have you ever been in a meeting that just wouldn’t end?

A Powerful Tip to Get Rid of Clutter Areas Once and For All

Clean Zone

Where is your clutter?

I bet you can name a few areas quickly. The backseat of your car. Your desktop. The nightstand next to your bed.

We all have trouble spots, places where we accumulate stuff.

Today, I have a powerful tip to help keep those trouble areas clutter-free.

Why the Old-School Paper To-Do List Is Superior as a Productivity Tool (& How to Make It Work for You in Under 5 Minutes)

Check Your List

This is a guest post by Karol K.  Karol is a blogger at, a company that delivers easy-to-use proposal software for writers and other creatives.

It’s kind of sad that there are so many great to-do list apps and tools out there, yet the traditional way of pen and paper still remains king in the 21st century.

And I’m not even trying to write this post in a provocative, “yeah take that” -kind of way. I really do feel that paper is better for to-do lists, and I’m going to prove it to you.

Plus, I’m going to give you the exact method that’s been ultra effective for me so far.

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7 iPhone Productivity Features You’re Not Using

iphone tipsIt always amazes me how many people don’t know how to use the one device that they carry with them everywhere they go.

I am talking about your phone. 

It is the one item that you never leave home without… and if you do, you go back to get it.

Today, I want to share 7 lesser known settings and features that you should be using to maximize your productivity with your iPhone.

You Have to Go the Distance to Reach Your Goals

Go the Distance

I was recently coaching an individual who had a personal goal of starting an online business.

He was looking for me to provide an immediate solution to his aspirations. You could say, he wanted a magic bullet.

Frustration set in when I told him that there was not a quick path to success. Rather, reaching the goal would require traveling a long road of work and discipline.

Saying Yes Requires Saying No First

Say No to Say Yes

Have you ever wanted to say yes to a request, but couldn’t because of your current obligations?

You wanted to say yes. But, you were already overbooked.

Frustratingly, when you examine the items you are bogged down with, they are less important that the one you want to say yes to.

To prevent this situation, you have to say no before you can say yes.