TMN Sponsor of the Week: Goboxi

goboxi-ninja-pilot-300x250 Goboxi is the first application that puts three big parts of all of our online lives together: time management, social management and email management.

They tackle the problem of email organization, project management and to-do lists by using hashtags to organize specific topics and content. This keeps projects organized across many different channels.

The Goboxi Productivity Expert machine learning tool understands and analyzes how each user manages their time and recommends improvements to spend time working more efficiently.

All this information is displayed via a Timeline feature that provides one unified view for email, tasks, calendars and social media activity (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). These features, and more, make managing and interacting with projects a breeze for teams of all sizes.

Take a look at some of Goboxi’s killer features by visiting

Exposing the Multitasking Myth: 4 Better Ways to Manage Your Time


This is a guest post by Centask productivity blogger Bojan Dordevic. Bojan loves to write about all things time management and technology, and is the senior editor of AlphaEfficiency Magazine.

While many people take pride in their “ability” to multitask, dividing your attention between two or more tasks can actually result in diminishing returns on your efforts. Learning about the dangers and pitfalls of multitasking, as well as strategies that can lead you to the desired end results without rapid task-switching will exponentially scale the number of tasks you can complete, increasing your efficiency and the quality of your work.

5 Things to Do Before the Meeting Begins

Meeting Happening

We have all shown up to that meeting.

The one with no purpose. The one with no advance notice or details. And the one where no one could even find where the meeting was being held.

It ends up being a waste of everyone’s time.

To ensure your meeting is a success, you need to prepare in advance.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: JetPens


Special thanks to JetPens for sponsoring Time Management Ninja this week.

JetPens is a web store dedicated to providing unique, high-quality writing instruments and stationery products with fast shipping and top-notch service. They offer a vast selection of the best pens, pencils, office toys, and organization tools from around the world.

Some examples of their organizational tools:

– A pencil case that transforms into a pen holder
– A staple-less stapler that fastens paper without clips or staples
– A super-slim pen that easily fits into one’s wallet
– A bag in bag that keeps everyday essentials in one place
– A memo pad that allows for easy rearrangement of pages

Special Offer for TMN Readers: Place an order $30 or more through this link and JetPens will include a free Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Twist Ring Memo Notepad.

Are You Making These 5 Calendar Mistakes?

Calendar Mistakes

Staying on top of your calendar can be a real challenge. Your day is full of appointments, meeting invites, and other requests for your time.

You need to manage your calendar or it will be taken over by those who will steal your time bit-by-bit until you discover that you have none left for your own priorities.

The result is that your day’s agenda becomes a mad rush from one event to the next. You feel a loss of control over your activities and at the end of your day find that you didn’t spend any time on your most important work.

How to Boost Your Productivity With Just One Little Word

One Word

This is a guest post by Linda Coussement. Linda helps entrepreneurs lead, grow and improve their remarkable businesses. Download her 10 page interactive Vision Guide and get a flying start to the growth and improvement of YOUR business.

Isn’t it hard to say NO?

Sure you can take on that extra project.

And sure you can work on those little action points today if your boss or client asks.

And of course you have 10 minutes to have a quick coffee with the colleague in distress.

Saying yes to all of this makes you seem like the perfect employee, colleague or business to work with, but really you’re just tying yourself in knots. Because all this “yes” saying is costing you your precious work time. And making up for it means making more hours or working weekends.

So even though saying yes feels very positive, you’re experiencing less productivity and more stress from it.  So, what can you do?

10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Time Management

Quick Tips

Last week at a conference, I was approached by a TMN reader who asked me, “Can you give me a quick tip to improve my time management?”

I felt like a comedian put on the spot with the cliché, “Say something funny…”

So, for those who want some “quick tips,” today I have a list of 10 Quick Time Management Tips…

Productivity Kickstarter: The Week Dominator Planner

Week Dominator

Looking for a great paper-based planner?

Check out this Kickstarter project by my friend, Jesse Phillips. (He is the same guy behind the NeuYear calendars!)

His latest project is called the Week Dominator and it is a paper-based weekly planner. I love the structured view that also provides lots of flexibility for personal use.

If you prefer planning your week on paper, support this Kickstarter and get your own Week Dominator.