Stop Playing with Your Email and Get Serious About Your Inbox

Full Mailbox

Your email inbox is filling up.

The message count is creeping up with each passing minute.

You’re not doing much about it either. Maybe playing with a few messages and responding randomly to a few comfortable emails.

If you want to get your inbox to zero, you are going to have to get serious about your email.

So, stop playing with your email and empty your inbox today.

5 Productivity Apps Your Business Isn’t Using, But Should Be

TMN Wordfoto Speek

If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for new apps to help drive the productivity of your business.

However, whenever you read the latest stories on must have apps, they always talk about the same usual suspects.

Well, there is no Evernote or Dropbox on this list.

Read on, for 5 business apps that your business isn’t using today, but should be.

7 Ways to Jump-start Your Work with a Rough Draft

Rough Draft

You can’t seem to get that project started.

It’s been sitting there.

Maybe you are telling yourself that you’re not ready. Or that your idea isn’t good enough yet. Or you’re missing the needed resources.

Those are all excuses.

To jump-start your work, sit down and start your rough draft.