TMN Sponsor of the Week: Evercontact


Evercontact is the time saving tool, recommended by Guy Kawasaki, that helps you capture your contacts.

According to Gartner Research, 1 out of every 3 contacts is missing or out-of-date. So apart from the time spent copying and pasting the latest information, you spend hours searching through past emails for the right phone number and going back and forth with contacts to update your mailing list.

Evercontact can solve this problem. It mines your emails to update your current address book (Gmail, Outlook, Google Apps, and soon Office 365) to find contact information in email signatures. Phone numbers, titles and company names that are missing or out-of-date in your current address book are updated, automatically.

With a Flashback, you can recover valuable contacts hiding in your past emails (up to 5 years back), or emails from someone who has left your team. Keep your address book automatically complete and up-to-date with the ongoing daily automatic service.  Evercontact recently ran a Flashback for Guy Kawasaki, who is recommending it as a “very cool tool” that automatically updated 2,351 of his 13k+ contacts.

It’s great for personal accounts, and also for teams to keep everyone up-to-date, as Evercontact plugs seamlessly into Salesforce and other CRMs.

Evercontact is offering TMN readers a free one month Flashback to recover contacts in Gmail, plus a free 1 month free trial of the daily updating service. Once you decide to buy it, you get a 25% reduction off a longer Flashback and/or the ongoing service for both Gmail and Outlook.

Get your free Flashback and start your free trial today with Evercontact!


The Tasks You Are Putting Off Forever

The Things on Your Todo List You Aren't Getting Done


We all have todos that we put off.

Sometimes it is the same tasks, over and over.

Other times, it is the things we have always wanted to do, but just never seem to get around to doing. Or even important items that need to get done at some point.

What’s on your task list… that you aren’t getting done?

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5 Ways Practice Makes You More Productive

Why Practicing Saves You Time in the Future


No one knows how to do a skill without learning it first.

So-called naturals, are the ones who put in the most time honing their craft.

Practice is the magic that gives you the ability to improve. The time you invest will pay off in increased performance in the future.

If you want to do something better, you need to practice. 

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TMN Sponsor of the Week: gamelearn

“Every second and every minute of your life matter because they will not be back.”

With this motto Gamelearn, a leading company in soft skills training through Serious Games, presents Triskelion®, the first Time Management and Personal Productivity course-video game. An unique adventure and learning experience rolled into one.

Triskelion, the Celtic symbol of wisdom and continuous development, transports players into an exciting experience where they become Robert Wise, a history professor. Participants must follow the clues left by the philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca in Cairo or Rome and find The Secret of the Order of Wisdom.  Meanwhile,

  • Regain control of your life
  • Improve your organization
  • Learn to plan and prioritize
  • Take control of your mail and agenda
  • Find life-balance
  • Reduce your stress

Gamelearn is a pioneer in skills training through video games: Game-Based Learning. Their Serious Games, which have already trained more than 100,000 professionals, combine 3 key tools:

  1. Quality content, equivalent to a complete two-day classroom course and with a marked practical approach.
  2. The simulator, which allows the user to learn from experience, practice concepts already learned and get personalized and constant feedback.
  3. The video game, which turns learning into an appealing, entertaining and addictive process, by using a wide range of gamification tools.

Visit Triskelion now and get your free trial to start boosting your time management skills. And when you’re done, check out Gamelearn’s other gaming courses on conflict resolution, effective meeting management, and leadership/team management.

What Attitude Are You Bringing to Work Today?

Choosing Your Own Attitude Is a Skill

Attitude_is_YoursAttitude is everything, so they say.

It has the power to lift you up. Or bring you down.

Ever had a day where your attitude determined the outcome of events? (Either good or bad…)

You may not be able to control the chaos of the day, the interruptions and unforeseen happenings that serve to disrupt your plans.

However, your attitude is the one thing you can control.

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10 Tweaks to Keep Your Phone from Interrupting You

How to Keep Your Phone Quiet During the Day and Night

10 Tweaks to keep your phone from interrupting you

One of the biggest interruptions in our daily lives is our own phones.

You would think that we could keep them in check since we have them with us all day and night. (Yes, most people sleep with their phones.)

Yet, we let them constantly interrupt us. They chime, buzz, and ring at the most inopportune times. And most people never do anything about it.

Today, I want to share some simple tweaks you can make to keep your phone quiet and ensure it doesn’t interrupt your day.

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Why Your #1 Goal Must Always Be Front and Center

Make Sure Your Top Priority Is Getting the Focus and Effort it Requires

Front and Center

The problem with most people’s priorities is that they really aren’t.

You may say that something is a priority, but you don’t give it your full attention and effort.

Is it a priority in name only?

Your #1 Goal must be “front and center” in your life.

You must put it in front of everything else.

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TMN Sponsor of the Week: allthings

allthings features everything you need to get more done, faster.  This online and mobile-based time management tool helps over 9,000 individuals, teams and businesses say goodbye to productivity killers.

Give up all of your chaos, clutter and confusion…email chains, inbox addiction, long meetings, spreadsheet plans or badly communicated deadlines in the workplace. Gain a new level of control, collaboration and communication. Achieve visibility of people, projects, tasks, teams, and more.

Share plans, projects, sprints and lists. Break your work down into manageable tasks with time estimates, priorities and deadlines. Easily track the progress of multiple tasks and issues, and spread them out between teams with the intuitive drag and drop feature.

People just work better together with allthings.  And you get better management of your projects, teams, and time.

Visit now to find out more! Start boosting productivity today with a free 30 day trial! (No credit card or training required).

10 Signs You Are Trying to Do Too Much

How to Tell When You Are Overloaded by Your Work

Doing too much

You say, “I don’t have time to get it all done.”

And you could be right.

You may not have enough time to do everything you have in front of you.

If you are taking on too much work and aren’t saying No when you should, you will overload yourself to the point of failure.

Are you carrying too much work on your plate?

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6 Ways to Give Your Undivided Attention

How Paying Attention Makes You More Productive

6 Ways Attention

These days it seems that everyone and everything is vying for your attention.

Your phone, your email, your co-workers, your family.

How do you decide who and when to give your attention?

More importantly, when you are with someone, do you give them your full and undivided attention?

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