How Many Meetings are on Your Calendar this Week?

Too Many Meetings

You are ready to start your week.

You are motivated to pursue your goals.

You are rested and wake up early to get a head start.

Then, you look at your calendar and realize that most of your week is already overrun by appointments. The work week hasn’t even begun, and the majority of your time is already taken.

You ask, “Who scheduled all of these meetings?

Why You Shouldn’t Have Too Many Time Management Tools

Too Many Tools

You are about to write down an important note.

Yet, you hesitate… should you write it in your Moleskine? Type it in Evernote? Or just capture it to the Post-It pad on your desk?

The multiple options at your disposal aren’t just giving you pause now, they will create more work for you later when you try to find the note you took.

Trying to utilize too many productivity tools results in extra effort, lost information, and additional work in the future.

Start Your Day at the Top and It’s All Downhill From There

Downhill All Day

How do you start your day?

Facebook? News? Or even email?

You’re probably checking these before your feet even hit the floor in the morning. When you finally get going, you struggle to get your day started and your work on track.

How much better off would you be if you started with the most important thing you needed to accomplish today?

5 Questions to Ask Before Saying Yes to a Request for Your Time

Before Saying Yes

Can you help me with something?

It appears to be a simple request. However, before you realize it, you have spent half the day working on something you shouldn’t. You feel guilty bailing, so you end up not getting your own work done.

Before you say yes to that request for your time, make sure you evaluate the situation carefully.

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How does Perssist work?

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  • Receive a check-in after 20 minutes to avoid wasted time.
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Find out how Perssist can save you time, money, and handle your tasks, 24 hours a day.

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8 Reasons I Switched Back to a Full-Sized iPad

iPad Switch

As you probably know, I am a big fan of Apple devices and how they drive my productivity.

They are simple. They just work. And they get the job done.

So, you might be surprised to hear that I recently traded in my iPad Mini. No reason to panic, it was to upgrade to the latest iPad Air 2.

This is the first time in years I have used a full-sized tablet and it has been a game changer.

5 Signs Your Goals Are Just Tasks in Disguise

Dream Big Goals

This is a guest post by Kelly Combs. Kelly is Craig’s virtual assistant, and she doesn’t just proof Craig’s posts. Sometimes, like today, she writes them. She is a member of the eaHelp team.

Remember when you were a kid and someone would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up?  You’d exclaim an astronaut or president.  An inventor or a millionaire.

But then somewhere along the way, someone told you that your goals were unachievable.  Never mind that Neil Armstrong and John Glenn did it.  George Bush and Barack Obama did it.  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did it.  You wouldn’t.

So your goals became smaller, achievable.

But, have your goals become just tasks in disguise?