5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overthink Your Decisions

Waiting to Make Decisions Leads to Missed Opportunities

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Overthink Your DecisionsHow long to do you take to make decisions?

If you are like many people, you might ponder a decision until it becomes more of a burden than a choice. And by repeatedly putting it off, you create more stress and work for yourself.

Sometimes, you may even over analyze and wait so long on a decision that it is made for you.

What decision have you been putting off because you have been overthinking?

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5 Smart Ways to Stay on Schedule

5 Steps to a Balanced Life

pablo (4)

This is a guest post by Rashelle Isip. Rashelle is a consultant, author, and founder of The Order Expert, a blog featuring organizing, time management and productivity tips, ideas and inspiration to help people ‘round the world “kick chaos to the curb.”

You’ve carefully laid out your projects, meetings, and appointments in your planner.

Everything looks great on paper, but for some strange reason, you just can’t keep on schedule.

You regularly fall five, ten, twenty minutes behind…or more.

You’re puzzled and frustrated. Just how can you keep things in balance?

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Allthings Podcast featuring Time Management Ninja

All Things Productivity is a podcast all about, as you might have guessed, all things productivity!  Featuring hosts Dave Hay and Maria Drummond, each episode explores different aspects of productivity by interviewing guests and discussing topics which link directly to your own productive lifestyle.

You know it’s a great program, because Dave started allthings in 2013. With his Dundee team, they have developed the time management app of the same name to help individuals and teams to get things done. (allthings is a frequently Sponsor of TMN).

Craig Jarrow had the privilege of being their latest guest.  Check out this episode to learn:

  • Where Craig developed his passion for time management (at a young age!).
  • Craig’s morning routine to make sure he gets the most important things done first.
  • Whether you own your time or it owns you.
  • How you can do less, but get the most important things done.
  • And finally, what Craig would do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Don’t miss the excitement!  Check out the latest episode of All Things Productivity podcast featuring Craig Jarrow, the Time Management Ninja.


8 Ways to Have Fewer Meetings in Your Day

How Many Meetings is Too Many?

Fewer MeetingsHave you ever spent an entire day in meetings?

I bet at the end of the last meeting, you were exhausted.

As well, you probably felt like you didn’t accomplish much, and you were worrying about all the things you didn’t get done while you were locked up in a conference room.

How do you know when too many meetings is just too many?

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7 Tips to Keep Your Time Management Simple

Simple Productivity Tactics Get More Done


7 Tips Simple Time ManagementWhen it comes to time management…. less is usually more.

It’s not the latest shiny gadget that makes you more productive.

Rather it is the tried and true, simple solutions, that are most effective.

And when it comes to getting things done, simple usually wins.

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5 Reasons Why You Must Be Your Own Biggest Fan

You Have to Root for Yourself, Or No One Else Will

5 Reasons Biggest Fan

When was the last time you cheered yourself on? Or recognized your own achievements in life or at work?

On the flip side, I bet you can recall the last time you beat yourself up for a mistake or failure.

Chances are, you are your own biggest critic. However, in order to reach your potential, you must instead be your own biggest fan.

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Why You Should Never Finish Your Todo List

Your Todo List Should Always Have Something on It

Why You Should Never Finish Your Todo List

Do you spend your entire workday chasing your todo list?

It can be a constant battle between adding tasks and crossing them off as you complete them.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, you shouldn’t worry about finishing your list.

While Inbox Zero may be an ideal to strive for your email, you shouldn’t ever get your todo list to empty.

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5 Simple Truths to Help You Stay Organized and Clutter Free

Easy Rules for Cleaning Up And Keeping Your Life in Order

Cleaning Truths

Is your desk a mess right now?

How about your inbox?

Do I dare ask about the trunk of your car?

If you struggle to keep your life organized, read on, for 5 simple truths to help you stay clutter free.

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7 Signs That Your Calendar is Overbooked

Top Indicators that You are Over-Scheduling Yourself

7 Signs Calendar Overbooked-1

Does your calendar have more colors and blocks than a Tetris board?

Are you constantly trying to fit more meetings into your day? Even finding yourself double-booked in many cases?

If so, your calendar is overbooked. You are causing unneeded stress and life friction in your day.

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