5 Tips to Rule Your Tech, Instead of the Other Way Around

Phone Rules

Do you jump every time your phone rings?

Do you drop what you are doing whenever a new email “dings” in your inbox?

Does your technology beep, chirp, vibrate, and interrupt you at all times of the day and night?

It’s time to take back control of your technology.

After all, who’s in charge… you or your smartphone?

How FTA Tasks Are Killing Your Productivity

From Thin Air Tasks

This is a guest post by Nicole Bandes.  Nicole is a best-selling author, podcaster and time management coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs have more time for their “Why.” Click here to get your free copy of Nicole’s eBook,”Flying Lessons: Super Busy Bonkers to Super Woman in 3 Weeks or Less!

What is an FTA Task?

FTA = From Thin Air.

FTA’s are those “must do” items that come up right when you are about to jump into that major task or project you have been putting off for weeks. Somehow, you suddenly have something else that has to be done. Where’d this extra thing come from? Thin Air! Way up in the oxygen free zone where things get much harder to accomplish because we just can’t breathe.

What Could You Do in Five Years?

Five Years

Five years ago today, I posted my first blog post.

Five years later, I have established Time Management Ninja as a known entity in the time management domain. It amazes me when people approach me and tell me they have read one of my articles.

It also startles me to think I have been doing this for five years.

It doesn’t feel that long. In fact, I still enjoy it as much as when I started. Yet, I could never even imagine that I would bring TMN this far. Five years has been a long road in building something I truly enjoy.

How long have you been working on your dream? Have you started it?

And more importantly, what could you accomplish in five years?

Preparation is the Key to Making Your Day Productive

Unlock Your Productivity

Do you know what tasks you need to complete today? And where you need to go?

It’s good to have a plan. Yet, being aware of what you need to do is only part of the picture.

If you aren’t prepared, you are creating unneeded life friction and stress. Being ready for your day makes everything go easier.

The key to making your day productive is preparing in advance.

Why Productivity Isn’t About Long Hours or Number of Tasks Completed

Overwhelmed productivity

You want to get more done. You need to be more productive in your job.

So, you put in extra hours. You double-down on your efforts to cross completed tasks off your list. Yet, with all this added effort, you don’t find yourself any further ahead in the big picture.

What gives?

It turns out that true productivity isn’t about the amount of hours you work or the number of tasks you check off your list.

When It Comes to Your Goals, Late is Always Better Than Never

Late Is Better Than Never

What big goal have you always wanted to pursue?

You have been meaning to do it forever.

You tell yourself that you will do it next year… or when things settle down… or when you have more time.

Yet, none of that ever happens. And that goal or dream that you have always told yourself you would accomplish has been sitting on the shelf for ages.

What goal are you “late” in doing? Will you ever get to it?