5 Reasons You Should Always Work from Your Todo List

5 Reason Always Work Your ListYou just finished a task and are ready to start something new.

What do you do next?

Do you pick up whatever is in front of you? Or begin whichever todo is closest to you?

Before you do anything… you need to check your list.

Go to Your List First

Before you start any task, you should make sure to check your list.

When you randomly pick your next task, you lose sight of your priorities.

Just because a task is easy or sitting in front of you, doesn’t mean it should be done next.

Before you start that next task… always go to your todo list first.

“Always work from your todo list to stay on track and productive.”

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Some people think they don’t need a todo list.

Either they claim to “keep it all in their head.” (Which never works…)
Or they are “winging it” and simply doing whatever comes their way.
Neither of these approaches are effective in the long run.

Sticking to your list keeps you on task and puts your important work first.

Here are 5 Reasons to Always Work from Your Todo List:

  1. Shows All Your Work – If you don’t look at your list, you have no idea how much work you have to do. Looking at your list lets you see the landscape of your tasks, and allows you to put things in context.
  2. Puts Your Priorities First – Knowing all your work allows you to put your most important todos first. Would you rather get a dozen low priority tasks done, or complete your three most important ones today?
  3. Reminds You of Tasks – “Keeping it all in your head” doesn’t work. Your brain isn’t intended to recall dozens of todos. Let your list remember them so that you can concentrate on your work. When your list reminds you of something you forget, then you know it’s doing its job.
  4. Avoids Procrastination – Your todo list is a menu of productivity. Going to your list keeps you from picking up random things and procrastinating. Stick to your list and get real work done.
  5. Checks Things OffCrossing things off your list feels good! Working your list builds momentum in your productivity and leads to even more tasks accomplished.

Stay on Track with Your Todo List

Your todo list is there to help you.

It is a tool to keep your priorities first, and ensure you don’t forget tasks.

Stay on your list, and you will stay on top of your productivity and get more done in the process.

Question: Do you work from your todo list? Or do you simply do whatever task appears next? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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