5 Productive Activities for Your In-between Time

productive activities in-between time

When you have a free minute or two, what do you do?

Jump on Facebook? Read the news again? Check your email for the 37th time today?

What you do during your in-between time is often what matters most. Are you making the most of it, or frittering it away on meaningless web-surfing and social streams?

You could be using that time on productive activities. Doing things that benefit you, instead of wasting your time and mind.

Making the Most of In-between Time

How you spend your in-between time has a dramatic impact not only on your productivity, but on you as a person, as well.

Do you really need to read the latest gossip websites? Or the news one more time today? (Hint: It doesn’t change that quickly.)

Here are 5 Productive activities for Your in-between Time:

  1. Plan Your Day – Taking a moment to review your plan for the day can serve as a course correction, and ensure you’re concentrating on what’s important. Review your todo list. Check your calendar. Knowing what’s ahead saves time later.
  2. Read a Book – Rather than reading the gossip websites or latest “news,” feed your mind with a book. It used to be cumbersome to carry around books, but with ebooks it is easy to have reading material with you at all times. I don’t bother with hard copy books anymore, but with my Kindle app, I always have dozens of books at my fingertips.
  3. Listen to Podcasts – If reading isn’t your thing, or you are on the go, consider listening to learning material. Podcasts provide an almost limitless source of knowledge and valuable information. No matter what you want to learn about, there is a podcast for it. (My favorite podcasting app is Overcast.)
  4. Take a Course – In the past, if you wanted to take a class you had to make time, and travel to an actual classroom. These days you can take courses anywhere, anytime, and on your terms. You can squeeze in a quick lesson in-between meetings and then go back to your work. I like taking my courses in small bite-sized lessons that I can fit into my day.
  5. Get Some Think Time – When was the last time you took a few minutes to just think? Use your in-between time to clear your mind and think about your day. Your priorities, your attitude, and your accomplishments. Afterwards, you will feel refreshed and refocused for your day.

Productivity in Your Spare Time

When you have free time, make the most of it.

Instead of spending it on the equivalent of “junk food” for your mind, invest it on activities that have benefit or teach you something new.

Instead of wasting your in-between time, do something productive with it.

Question: What productive activities could you be filling your spare time with? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

14 thoughts on “5 Productive Activities for Your In-between Time

  1. Spot on article. You can actually get so much done in your in-between times. With the exception of reading a book you can also do these while driving instead of just listening to music or pointless programs on the radio.

  2. Since I work from home, my in between time is getting up and walking around or stretching. Taking a break from using my eyes and ears all day is much needed!

    1. I agree Laurie. I like to do that as well. Siting behind my laptop all day seems very unhealthy to me so in I have list of health related activities that I do in between work tasks. I find this a great way to combine a healthy lifestyle with my work. Some of my in between activities include walking, stretching and muscle training. I also like to add mental refreshment activities, for example meditating or taking a power nap. It is so great to work at home and being able to do these in between time activities whenever I want.

  3. I absolutely agree but taking advantage of in-between times is hard for me. I can’t ever think of anything to do AND I have to be careful that I don’t get caught up in the new thing and miss the next thing. Because I have ADHD, I get distracted easily or hyperfocus. The only way I can do things in-between is if I set timers.

    My husband is a master at taking advantage of a few minutes here and there. And he’s the most productive person I know.

  4. Reading!!! The best of all, gets you mental peace and instant relief more the worldly tensions. Thank you for the other points. We are going to try them all now 🙂

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