The Tasks You Are Putting Off Forever


We all have todos that we put off.

Sometimes it is the same tasks, over and over.

Other times, it is the things we have always wanted to do, but just never seem to get around to doing. Or even important items that need to get done at some point.

What’s on your task list… that you aren’t getting done?

Forever Putting Things Off

There are some tasks on your list that you are never getting to. You put them off, and off, and off.

Some of them may seem like a running joke on your list. They have been there forever.

Many people keep a “Someday-Maybe” list of the things they may want to do when they get around to it. However, more often than not, this becomes a “Someday-Never list.”

These “forever tasks” can be small items that you never get around to. Or they can be BIG lifelong dreams that you have not pursued. The one thing they have in common is that you never get around to doing them.

What tasks are you forever putting off…?

  • Tasks You Don’t Want to Do – Do you find yourself putting off the same tasks? Over and over? You need to find a different want to get them done. Put them on a schedule. Or perhaps, out source that particular task, even if you have to pay someone to do it.
  • Tasks You Shouldn’t Be Doing – These tasks don’t belong on your todo list in the first place. Cross them off or delete them. They only serve to add to your total sense of “todo obligation.” Get them off your list and out of your mind.
  • Tasks You Are Ignoring – These can be serious. If they are maintenance tasks that you are ignoring, they will come back to create more problems and work later.
  • Tasks that You Dream of Doing – These are the someday tasks that never get done. The dreams and goals that you continually put off into the future. Ask yourself, “If not now, when?” You only get so much time. Make a choice today.

Forever Procrastination

We all have tasks that seem to be permanently on our todo list. Take a look at yours, and see what you have been putting off forever.

Make a choice to get it done. Or maybe, it’s time to admit that it needs to be crossed off because it’s never going to get done.

What are you forever procrastinating?

Question: Check your list and see what you are forever procrastinating. Pick one today, and do it, delegate it or delete it. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. You make a good point about maintenance tasks. These can be boring to do yet they make a difference. Weekly cleaning is better than monthly cleaning, for example.

  2. I use time tracking software. This helps to focus on work. It helps to stop procrastinating. I use free “Time Tracking primaERP”

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