Pick One Thing and Do It Until Done

Pick One Thing

You have one job at the moment.

The task you are doing right now.

Not the next todo on your list. Nor the email that is about to chime in your inbox. Or the phone call that is ringing your phone.

Can you finish the one task you are working on?

Many Tasks Started, None Done

Are you guilty of starting many tasks, but not finishing them?

Interruptions, distractions, and multi-tasking… all of these keep us from actually completing the tasks in front of us.

Sometimes it feels like you have started 57 things, but end your day without finishing any of them.

Pick One Thing and Do It to Done

Avoid starting that next task until you complete the one you are working on.

Then check it off your list before you begin another task. Besides feeling great, you will have closure before taking on your next todo.

At the end of the day, you may have worked on fewer tasks… but the ones you did will be done.

Question: Do you find yourself constantly starting new tasks before completing the one you are doing? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

14 thoughts on “Pick One Thing and Do It Until Done

  1. Now that I’m reading your article I found out that this just happened to me. Started to enjoy the weekend yesterday after cleaning the house and BOOOM, its monday morning and that distraction called “work” kicks in and I wasn’t really finished with enjoying the weekend. 🙂

    Seriously, someone has to distinguish between task and project. If its too big to be done with the resources available now, then you have to fragment it into pieces that can be done.

  2. I always think that if I do a small piece of many different projects each day that I’m somehow being productive. I need to push everything to the side and just focus on ONE project for the day. This is a good reminder.

  3. Thanks for a good tip, Craig.

    Focusing on ONE single task until it`s done, is very important when it comes to staying productive.

    Research have shown that multi-tasking doesn`t work and if you have 10 tasks on your to do list for the day, it`s better to have completed 4 of the most important tasks, than to have 10 tasks 50 % completed. The latter means that you have actually completed no tasks that day.


  4. Great article as isual Craig!

    This is the one tip that I’ve been trying to implement forever, but am always not able to. Working in a digital marketing agency, things just pop up all over the place, in all shapes and sizes. With so many different fires to fight off each day, it’s really hard to actually remain focused on one task – any tips on this?

  5. Thanks Craig for the reminder. I agree, One task until it’s finished. Just make sure that one task is the next most important task for the day.

  6. Avoiding is not always an option Craig! We being marketers need to keep track of SEO, SMO, Email marketing campaigns, metrics, results, analytics, predictive forecast and what not ;(

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