10 Evernote Lists to Keep You Organized

10 Evernote Lists to Keep You Organized 2

Evernote is a very powerful note-keeping app.

It can be the one place for all of your notes. For me, it has all but replaced my trusty Moleskine notebook.

However, one question I always get is, “What do I put in Evernote?”

Keep Your Reference Lists in Evernote

One of my favorite things to recommend that you keep in Evernote are “reference” lists. These lists should contain information that you may not need frequently, but when you do, it’s indispensable.

And when you put those lists in Evernote, you can access them from anywhere: your iPhone, your iPad, the web, your laptop, etc.

Wherever you are… so is your Evernote information.

Here are 10 Reference Lists You Should Keep in Evernote:

  1. Home Inventory – Put your home inventory into Evernote. You can use it for record keeping in case of loss, or you can simply use it as a record of “where you put that item in the attic.” You use tables to track locations of items, and you can even add photos which is an easy way to record the condition and serial numbers of items.
  2. Home Data – What size air filter does your home furnace take? Or what size lightbulbs do your driveway lights require? Have this information at the ready the next time you are at Costco or the Home Depot and save yourself a trip. I have a list of all of my home’s details. This includes not just physical information, but the information on contractors and service providers I have used over the years.
  3. Clothing Sizes – Keep a reference list of all of your family members clothing sizes and personal preferences. If you have ever had to buy your spouse or children clothes in a pinch, you know the importance of knowing their sizes. As well, what is your wife’s favorite shampoo? Put that in her list so that you remember when you are asked to stop at the store.
  4. Vehicle History – Most people do not do an adequate job tracking this information. Yes, you could use a separate auto-tracking app, but why bother with the complexity? Keep a mini-journal of your vehicle history including service and maintenance in Evernote.
  5. Pet Info – Another good topic for tracking is your pet’s vet data. Keep a log of their vet visits and even store copies of vaccination records.
  6. Motivational Material – Keep a list of your favorite motivation quotes, images, and videos. When you need a boost of energy, go to your motivation file. I keep my favorite quotes and even links to inspiring YouTube videos. (Need to get up in the morning? Watch this.)
  7. Emergency Info – What information would you need if you had an emergency? Keep your credit card company’s contact info and your insurance info handy. You may be able to ferret this info out from the web, but when bad things happen you don’t want to be searching for it.
  8. Medical info – Have you even been on vacation and needed your glasses script or medicine prescription info? Keep simple medical information in Evernote so that you have it, even if you are on the road.
  9. Pack List – Whether it is for work or personal, using a pack list can save you time. As well, you won’t realize that you forgot that one item when you get to your destination. (You know, the one you always forget.) I have been using an ever-evolving pack list for over 15 years.
  10. Infrequent Task Checklists – These are things that you don’t do often, but want to remember the steps to. This will save you time when you have to do that task again. An example: Years ago, I had to replace the backup battery in our home security system. It was not a fun task and I managed to set off the alarm and summon the police department in the process. Four years later, when I had to do it again, I had all of my notes from the previous experience.

Keeping All Your Notes in One Place

Evernote is a great place to keep information that you may not need often, but when you do it’s invaluable to have at your fingertips.

I am a big believer in one tool for one task. As well, the simplest solution is usually the best. In this case, Evernote can be the one place for all of your reference materials.

Keep it simple, keep it all in Evernote.

Question: What lists do you keep in Evernote? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

11 thoughts on “10 Evernote Lists to Keep You Organized

  1. Not specifically mentioned above but other data I include in a “Home” list are dates & costs of major improvements like kitchen remodel, new roof, etc with links to the receipts for these stored in Evernote. Comes in handy especially when selling your house. I also use Evernote reminders for repetitive maintenance tasks like changing filters for furnace, water dispenser, etc.

  2. I keep a notebook of frequent contacts (boss, staff, colleagues, friends) with a note for each contact. On each contact I add bullets of topics to pick up in our next discussion. I can add these topics no matter where I am via my phone, iPad or mac/PC as a topic comes to me. It reduces the items that I often forget by the time the next meeting comes up. I also allows me to keep brief notes from my meetings with these individuals.

  3. I use Evernote for all sorts of lists – Frequent Flyer info, college info for my kids, taxes, health insurance info (since my wife and I both have insurance through our companies, it gets confusing sometimes on who is covering what), books to read, etc. Also, I use a small scanner so when a statement or important information comes in the mail, scan it directly into Evernote and the shred the document. Works great.

  4. I use Evernote for nearly everything. I have several Notebooks/Folders within Evernote which hold my Notes/Lists. A Shopping Notebook with lists for groceries, presents and household items I need to buy. A Bucket List Notebook, listing things I’d like to do or places I’d like to see. A Productivity Notebook with notes from research on productivity, planning and ‘Getting Things Done’. A Household Notebook containing a list for each room and the planned decorating ideas. My Notes Notebook for general ideas, lists, reminders. The availability of Evernote wherever I am through my iPhone, iPad or web is fantastic. It’s always with me wherever I go. The other tools I use for productivity is my calendar for appointments and anniversaries and Bills Monitor for scheduling payment of bills.

  5. Other random things I write: business cards, conference notes, blood pressure, teaching illustrations or stories, sick/vacation days, when I lend something, recipes, future plans, gift ideas, and gift lists for when Christmas.

  6. Everyone keeps all their phone numbers in their phone, why not keep a backup of all phone numbers just in case your traveling and you lose your phone. You can access Evernote from any computer, even in a public library!

  7. I am not sure whether or not you know this, but Moleskine now have Evernote editions of their notebooks! I use their Journal for Evernote for every day jotting, and their Business Diary for Evernote for business appointments, agendas, etc. I am an old-fashioned scribbler, so these give me the best of both worlds!

  8. I keep all my recipes in One Note. So vegetarian, dinner party specials-prep ahead, buffet items and salads, quick suppers less than 30mins, new ideas, Indian, Italian, Greek, Turkish/Morrocan, soups, starters, baking, puddings, packed lunches, brunch, you get the idea!!

  9. Between this article and the comments this is the best list of things to keep track of that I have come across as a beginner in Evernote. Thank you!

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