Need More Time? Cross Some Tasks Off Your List

Cross off some tasks

Want to lighten your todo load today?

I have a simple way to do that: Cross some tasks off your list.

Don’t do them. Just cross them off.

Before you panic, I’ll bet you have several tasks on your list that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Lighten Your List by Deleting Tasks

If you need more time today, try losing some of your tasks.

I am not talking about “checking” them off your list.

Rather, I am talking about crossing them off. Removing them. Deleting them.

There are several reasons you can get away with this:

  • Some tasks are of very low priority
  • You added some tasks to your list that aren’t yours to do
  • You can’t do everything and need to be selective in your workload

I am a big advocate of capturing any and all todos that come your way. However, just because you added an item to your list, doesn’t mean you must do it. You captured it to get it off your mind, and so that you could evaluate it later.

From time-to-time you need to groom your list. Review all the items you have captured. Prioritize them. Order them. And yes, even delete some of them.

“Any low priority todos should be crossed off your list.” (Tweet Quote)

In fact, you should only keep the most important ones.

Here are just a few tasks that should be crossed off your list:

  • Tasks That Shouldn’t Be Done – What have you added to your list that is a time waster or you shouldn’t be doing in the first place?
  • Very Low Priority Todos – These todos aren’t worth your time and often resolve themselves.
  • Tasks You Need to Say No To – What did you say “yes” to when you should have said “no?” You can change your mind.
  • Other People’s Tasks – These are work items that belong on other people’s lists. (Hint: These are not delegated tasks…. you still need to track those.) You can’t do your priorities if you are doing other’s work.
  • Tasks That Have Passed – Are expired tasks taking up space on your list? Learn from them, and then get rid of them.

Cross Some Tasks off Your List

Crossing things off your list can be scary.

You may worry, “What if I miss something?”

You might, but if it’s important… it will come back.

You can’t do every task… ensure you only do the most important ones.

The others?

They can be crossed off your list… right now.

Question: What can you cross off your list today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. What if you’ve already gone through your list and been honest with yourself about what you should/could do today? I try to push off or delete a lot of tasks during a weekly review of my system, but sometimes I still have too much going on. I’m a recovering people-pleaser so it might just be that I’ve said “yes” too many times.

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