There Is No Wrong Time

There is no wrong time

When is the right time?

There may be a better time.

But, there is no such thing as a wrong time.

There is just time.

Waiting for the Right Time

Recently, someone told me they were “waiting until the right time” to pursue their dream job.

Right time? 

I was curious.

When is the right time? Or even, what is a right time?

“There is no such thing as the right time. There is just time.” (Tweet this Quote)

My colleague explained that they were waiting until things settled down. Their life was very busy at the moment and wanted to wait so that things could get “back to normal.”

I asked them, “Have you considered that now is your normal?”

Maybe this is the time.

After all, it is the time you actually have.

The Right Time is Always Now

Whether things are quiet in your life or your hair is on fire, that is your reality.

There is no wrong time. And you don’t get more time later.

So, don’t put things off for the right time. It may never come.

Right now is your time.

And by the way, when your hair is on fire…  might just be the time to act.

Question: What are you waiting for the right time to act upon? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “There Is No Wrong Time

  1. Maybe “the right time” is just a metaphor for “the moment I have reached the needed level on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”.
    Sure you can start to pursue the dream job right now. But if your job requires an university degree, then you don’t need to contact possible employers when you’re still at the high school.

  2. A bias to action will help us suceed. Even a small step or action is better than nothing. It’s like waiting to be inpsired when we know that inspiration is a little part and effort a more significant part.

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