Make Time for Your Life


So busy. So hurried.

You have so much work to do that you feel like you never rest.

When do you fit your life in?

Do you even remember your personal life? Or has it become a blur of commuting, work, and errands.

You need to make time for you.

Take Time For Yourself

When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

Actually, that sounds backwards.

It’s your time in the first place. Why would you have to “take it?”

You give it away all day long, and are made to feel guilty if you take some for yourself.

Others demand it without a second thought. Most people even expect if for free.

Yet, time is the most valuable resource you have. You don’t get more later.

“It’s your time. You shouldn’t feel guilty about using it for yourself.” (Tweet Quote)

You need time for yourself. Have a hobby. Read a book. Go for a jog or hike. Spend some quiet time just thinking.

Whatever you want to do.

Time to Live Your Life

It’s your time… make sure you live your life.

Work will be there when you get back. It always is.

Today, make time for yourself. Make time for your life.

Question: Do you need to take some time for yourself? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Hi. I used to receive your newsletters but now I don’t. 🙁
    When I went to resubscribe it says I’m already a subscriber. Can you help? Thank you.

  2. I thought this article would be longer. More inspirational. I don’t give myself time to have fun cause I have to make money and I’m short right now. Feel like I’m missing the whole summer. Since everything I do can be done at anytime day or night, weekends or weekdays like writing, email marketing, Facebook ads, etc… I feel like every day and night is work time.

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