10 Places to Find More Productivity in Your Day

Where to be more productive

We all want to be more productive in our day.

Sometimes it seems to be an elusive quality.  Especially, when your day is filled with meetings, interruptions, and last-minute urgencies.

But, you can find more productivity in your day.

It’s out there. You may just need to look… harder.

Where Can You Find More Productivity in Your Day?

You say you don’t have enough time. You rush from one event to the next. And by the end of the day, you have barely dented your todo list.

This daily chase leaves you wondering how you are going to get more done.

“To be more productive, you may have to get creative. You may need to ignore the norms and do your own thing.”

You have the same amount of time in the day as everyone else. It’s all about how you utilize it. (That is time management.)

With that in mind, here are “10 Places to Find More Productivity in Your Day:”

  1. Early in the Morning – Getting your work done before others are even up can be a powerful productivity tactic. Early to bed, and early to get your work done, gets you ahead of the pack. It is a great feeling starting your day with your most important tasks already completed.
  2. During Your Commute – You may not be able to avoid your daily commute, but you can make it more productive. Try time-shifting your travels to avoid the rush. You may be able to save yourself some significant amounts of commute time each day. Or if you are stuck in rush hour, make the most of it. DO something productive with that time. Listen to an audio-course or podcast instead of the radio jockeys. Or maybe just turn off your radio and phone, and enjoy the silence to recharge your mind.
  3. In Shortened Meetings – Meetings can quickly take up a large portion of your day. If you can’t avoid them entirely, try cutting them in half. Reduce the amount of time you schedule each meeting for. You will find that your meetings are just as productive, and you will recover time on your calendar.
  4. During Lunchtime – Too often lunchtime is a wasted time period. Get creative. Don’t just sit at your desk or go out for fattening food with the office crowd. Learn something while you eat by watching a class or listening to a podcast. Or get physical by doing a quick lunchtime workout, even if it is just to go for a brisk walk.
  5. By Saying No – Every external request you say “Yes” to is one less thing you can do from your list. This isn’t meant to sound selfish. Rather, it is a simple truth that you have to take care of your immediate needs before you take on those of others. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to help anyone else.
  6. A Quiet Place – Finding a quiet location can be the best place to find some productivity. Get away from the noise, interruption, and constant foot traffic of your work area. Find a quiet conference room, library, or even outdoor bench to get your work done. The peace and quiet will allow you to work uninterrupted on your most important tasks.
  7. On Your Calendar – Too often we only react to our calendar. Jumping when it beeps and telling us that we need to be somewhere. Instead, take a hard look at your appointments for the day and schedule time for those important tasks.
  8. Outside Your Inbox – Your inbox is not productive. Chances are, you are spending too much time in your inbox processing meaningless emails. Get in and address the important ones, and then get out of your email so that you can get your work done.
  9. In Your Music – Put on your favorite motivational music. Nothing can get you into the groove faster than a good tune. As well, putting on your headphones can provide a barrier to interruptions.
  10. At the End of Your Work Day – When you are ready to call it “quits” for the day, stay and do 1 more task. I am not advocating spending endless hours at the office. Rather, do 1 more task. If you do this every day, you will accomplish hundreds of extra tasks each year.

Productivity Found

There is productivity out there. Sometimes you have to get creative to find it.

It may be located in places that you don’t often look. Or you may need to do things differently.

But, it’s out there. It’s all about finding it, and using your time to the fullest.

Find some extra productivity in your schedule today and every day.

Question: What creative methods do you use to find more productivity in your day? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

9 thoughts on “10 Places to Find More Productivity in Your Day

  1. Hi Craig, after reading your ’31 days, 31 ways’ ebook, I tried out an experiment which is like a combination of your points 1 & 2 (start early and time shift).
    Earlier I used to begin the day with exercise or meditation. However, nowadays I start work first thing in the morning and exercise later. That allows me to take more breaks as well as utilize the early morning energy.
    This has made a huge difference to my productivity!

    1. Hi,

      I can understand about you perhaps shifting the time of when you exercise to later in the day if it works better for your timetable. But may I humbly suggest you consider putting meditation back to the beginning of your day.

      It is important to make your personal well being the first priority and all other things fall into place. Meditation, gives you time to set the tone for your day. It is your first break of the day. Time to start your day with calm for your mind and body and ground yourself for whatever the day might throw at you. You will still be productive.

      I started going to work about 45 mins earlier dropping my bag off and then going out for a 15 – 20 min walk . This is making me feel better, I breathe fresh air , and because I put myself and my health first. I still get work done as I get older I have learned work cannot be a greater priority than me, my value as a person is not my job. God forbid but should i drop dead tomorrow my employer would be thinking of my replacement within 5 minutes. So me first.

      Best of luck

      1. Hi,
        I guess we are talking about the same thing! A small correction first, I do start the day with meditation – it’s just a quick med. for 2 mins. I keep a longer meditation session for the later part of the day. This is similar to you going for a walk after you have reached work. What I try to do is balance my energy expenditure and recovery throughout the day – which has begun to work quite well for me! Lastly I completely agree that you should come first, not your work! In fact putting ourselves first is what possibly makes us better at work.

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