Beware Listening To Those Who Can’t or Won’t

Listen to others

The other day someone told me that they had a big idea.

Seeking advice and feedback from others, he was told his idea was foolish. He was told he couldn’t possibly do it. And that he would never be successful at it.

After hearing the criticism, this individual decided not to pursue the idea.

The “can’t do it” crowd was happy. They had convinced another person not to do something.

Beware listening to these naysayers, their sole objective is to convince others they can’t do things.

Beware Those Who Can’t

Everyone says you can’t do it.

It doesn’t matter what “it” is… it is a bad idea.

It will fail. You can’t do it.
You will fail. You can’t succeed.

There is something darker happening here. Others can’t do it, so they don’t want you to make it happen.

“Those who can’t do… don’t want you to do either.” (Tweet this Quote)

They can’t write a book… so they tell you that you cannot.

They can’t run a half-marathon… so they say that it is out of your reach.

They can’t start a business… so they declare that yours is a folly that will fail.

Whatever it is… if they can’t do it, they don’t want you doing it.

Can’t or Won’t?

Ironically, the critics are using the wrong word.

The word isn’t can’t… it is won’t.

Success is a matter of choice whether they realize it or not.

It’s not that they can’t write their own book, it’s that they won’t.
It’s not that they can’t get off the couch and run a race, it’s that they won’t.
And it’s not that they can’t start a business, they won’t even try.

And that one word makes all the difference.

Don’t Listen to the Critics

The critics want to sit on the sidelines and tell you that you can’t do it.

They won’t do it, and they don’t want you to succeed either.

Businesses don’t get started by those who won’t. Great things are never accomplished by those who sit and just won’t.

Those who can and do, seldom listen to those who can’t or won’t.

Question: What are others telling you that you can’t do? When have others tried to stop you from doing something they wouldn’t do? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Beware Listening To Those Who Can’t or Won’t

  1. Craig, I love this post. We’re surrounded by negative thinking (and speaking) almost everywhere, so it’s important to filter out most of that. My mom used to say, “Can’t never did anything.” I never quite knew what she meant until I had to manage people for the first time!

  2. Jean Sebelius, the great Finnish composer, once said: “Nobody ever erected a statue of a critic.”

  3. Craig, you are absolutely right. There are so many people who don’t believe in you. That is why it is essential you believe in yourself and your abilities. Those outside voices can be very destructive if we let them. If we shield ourselves from such negative opinions, we can succeed. When we let fear drive us, the fear that comes when people don’t believe in you, we cannot have the faith we need to succeed. Fear and faith cannot coexist.

    My friend quit his job to pursue his entrepreneurial skills. Many people thought he was making a bad decision. After all, he had a family to provide for. He didn’t let negative opinions suede him from making this decision. Today, his business is thriving and he is doing what he loves. Had he listened to everyone’s negative opinions, he would not have succeeded in his business. Great post Craig!

  4. This reminds of Will Smith’s scene with his son in the basketball court in ‘The pursuit of happiness’. “When someone tells you that you can’t do something, it means that they can’t do it themselves”

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