The One Question You Must Ask Before Buying That Shiny New Gadget

Problem Solved

New gadgets and apps arrive daily.

I am sure there is a new one out today.

It seems that you can’t read the news without hearing about a new gadget or piece of software.

But, before you pick up that new tool, you need to ask yourself one important question in order to determine its value to you.

Productivity Tool or Toy?

Remember the latest gadget you picked up?

Maybe it was given to you. Or you saw it online and just had to try it.

You probably wasted a few hours or days messing with it.

But, where is it now?

That gadget is now hidden away in a desk drawer. Or if it was an app, it now resides on your computer or handheld device never to opened again.

What was that gadget supposed to do anyway? And how many times do you do this with new apps and gadgets?

Before you add the next shiny new toy to your toolkit, make sure you ask yourself this important productivity question:

“What does this solve?”

It may be the coolest gadget or software, but if it doesn’t address a particular issue that you are facing… then it isn’t of value.

“If your new gadget doesn’t solve a specific problem, then it isn’t worth your time.”  (Tweet this Quote)

Gadgets that don’t solve a problem result in wasted time, money, and effort. They end up taking your time instead of making time for you.

They are not tools, but rather toys to be played with and then put away.

Resist the Shiny New Gadget

You tell yourself that the new shiny gadget will make you more productive.

Yet, if it doesn’t solve a problem, it will end up wasting your time.

Resist those shiny toys and make sure you have a need before you pick up the next one.

And always ask yourself, “What does this solve?”

Question: What shiny gadget did you recently add that you are no longer using? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “The One Question You Must Ask Before Buying That Shiny New Gadget

  1. This is a fantastic article! This is why projects start with business requirements, then work on solutioning those requiremetns, then executing on the solution. Apply the same principles to your own personal life, and you avoid a lot of needless purchases and time spent on unnecessary tools.

  2. Great advice! I ask myself the same thing every time I see my friends with a new gadget..perhaps that’s why until now, I don’t have an ipad or fancy smartphone. For me, you shouldn’t really buy something unless you can afford it AND if you’re going to use it regularly

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