10 Small Productivity Wins You Should Celebrate

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Do you get frustrated with your lack of productivity?

If you concentrate only on what you are not getting done, it can be disheartening.

When was the last time you stopped and recognized your productivity wins?

Take pride in your achievements, no matter how small they seem.

Sometimes, it’s the little productivity wins that make all the difference.

Celebrate the Small Productivity Wins

You spend your day being frustrated.

Frustrated about all the things you aren’t getting done.
Frustrated about the appointment you didn’t make it to on time.
Frustrated about the report that is late and that you won’t get to until tomorrow.

If you only look at what you aren’t getting done, it can seem overwhelming.

You also need to look on the positive side.

What are you getting done? What productivity wins are you accomplishing?

“Celebrate the small wins. They add up to accomplish big things.” (Tweet this Quote)

It doesn’t matter how small they are, you need to celebrate them.

Here are 10 Small Productivity Wins You Should Celebrate:

  1. Finishing Ahead of a Deadline – Be proud when you finish before a deadline. It doesn’t have to be a major project. Savor that you have time to review and revise if needed. And that you didn’t have to pull an all-nighter, either.
  2. Being Early – When was the last time you arrived early to an appointment? You had time to spare, to relax, and even get ready. You avoided the last minute sprint to avoid being late.
  3. Letting Your Todo List Remind You – When your todo list reminds you of a task you had forgotten, then your list is doing it’s job. Let your list remember, so you don’t have to.
  4. Leaving Work on Time – Are you always getting stuck at the office? You’re ready to leave, and then one more fire-drill pops up. Get your work done, and get out of the office on time.
  5. Inbox Zero – When was the last time your email inbox reached zero? Get the tasks out of your inbox and onto your todo list. File the rest. An empty inbox is a great thing to celebrate.
  6. Getting All Your Must Do Items Done – Your todo list shouldn’t ever reach zero. But, you can finish the “Must Do” items for today. If you keep your priorities first, celebrate completing your “Must Do” items each day.
  7. Finding Something Right Where You Put It Away – You shouldn’t have to waste time looking for misplaced items. Recognize when you save yourself time by knowing exactly where you put something away.
  8. Having Contact Info at Your Fingertips – Capturing people’s contact information is an important skill. When you need to reach someone in a pinch, you should have their info readily available on your phone. Smile when you are able to instantly pull up someone’s contact info.
  9. Recalling a Saved Piece of Information – Taking notes is good. Being able to quickly locate them later is even better. With Evernote and Gmail search, you can find that needed piece of information within seconds. It doesn’t matter if you took the note days, months, or even years ago.
  10. Having Time to Relax – When you do have time to relax, make sure you enjoy it. Escaping the constant hustle of the day is an achievement, indeed. Appreciate the fact that your time management has given you time to spend as you choose.

Small Productivity Wins Add Up

Celebrate your daily productivity achievements.

They don’t have to be large. The small victories can help build momentum and encourage a positive attitude.

So, make sure you celebrate your small productivity wins today.

Question: What small productivity wins have you celebrated recently? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

18 thoughts on “10 Small Productivity Wins You Should Celebrate

    1. It depends on the person. I am a gamer, so I built a reward structure to ‘pay’ myself for productivity with game time. Every two hours of productive time earns me a match in Call of Duty.

  1. I’ve realized that I feel more productive when I write the little things or things I would normally remember on my to do list. This way I have something to mark as completed. So when I’m finished I feel like I did something.

    When I don’t cross something off my list, looking at it just seems like a reminder of things I didn’t do.


  2. I wrap 7-9 into one. I store all my important information, contacts, and notes in my AboutOne account and/or my Gmail. I never, ever have to look for paperwork or little bits of information because I’ve taken the time to set both of them up for easy searching later. Saves me so much time that I would otherwise spend looking for stuff in my (admittedly messy and disorganized) home.

  3. Be proud when you finish before a deadline. It doesn’t have to be a major project. Savor that you have time to review and revise if needed. And that you didn’t have to pull an all-nighter, either.

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