Pick 5 Little Things To Change Your Life Today

Five Little Things

Do you have big goals?

Big things that you want to change in your life?

If so, I want to shift your thinking today. Because, often we get caught up in the big changes.

We lose sight of the little things and don’t consider the impact that even small steps can make in our lives.

Today, I want you to change 5 little things in your day.

Change… Just a Little Bit

Change is hard.

In fact, most people don’t change.

Have you ever run into someone after several years of not seeing them?

They are usually the exact same person.

Appearance, dress, personality, and behavior. Maybe a little older, a little rounder, or less hair. Yet, the same as when you saw them last.

That is why we are impressed when we see someone who has made dramatic change in their life.

“The most powerful people are those who can change themselves.” (Tweet this Quote)

So, how do you make change?

Bit by bit. Step by step. And little by little.

Make Little Changes

We get so caught up in the big picture that we fail to see the small things we need to change.

Change is not usually done in big jumps, but rather little-by-little.

(Note: I am not saying that you shouldn’t set your goals high.)

I am saying to concentrate on the little things each and every day.

What are some small things that you could change in your life?

Here are a few little suggestions of things that you could change today:

  • Read 20 pages of a book
  • Exercise, even if it is just to take a quick walk
  • Floss
  • Take your vitamins
  • Learn 1 new thing 
  • Write a few sentences in your journal
  • Don’t complain
  • Compliment someone who is deserving
  • Tell someone you love them (this little thing is often overlooked)
  • Introduce yourself to someone you have encountered multiple times but yet still don’t know their name
  • Take a different route to work… even if it is just the stairs vs. the elevator
  • Bite your tongue when you shouldn’t be speaking
  • Smile, even during tough situations
  • Have a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances
  • Be on time
  • Drink water
  • Get up early… or go to bed before it is too late
  • Prepare for tomorrow today
  • Take 1 step to make your goals closer

Don’t think big… think about something small that you can change today.

Take 5 Small Steps Today

It is good to aim high and stretch your limits.

But life is not always about changing the big things, but rather the little ones along the way.

It is about continuously makings small adjustments. Always course correcting.

I challenge you to pick 5 small changes to make in your life today.

Question: What 5 little things could you change today? Share yours below.

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  • http://mikegosnell.com/ Mike Gosnell

    Love the post Craig! I was discussing with a friend the other day that every week, month, and year…our goal is to make progress…no matter how small.

  • http://heymalc.com/ Malcolm Simmonds

    Yeah – small things mount up. Eat the elephant “one bite at a time”. A good way to avoid overload – and procrastination.

  • http://www.AchieveTheGreenBeretWay.com/welcome Michael Martel

    Great suggestions. It is all about disrupting the status quo and leaving yourself open to experiencing more.

  • http://jorgesilvestrini.com/ Jorge Silvestrini

    It is hard; but not impossible!

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  • Miosoty Montañez Justiniano

    Smile, even during tough situations
    Have a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances
    Be on time
    Drink water
    Get up early… or go to bed before it is too late
    & remember to always be persistent & realistic…

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  • PJ

    Well, it’s too late to get up early, so I’ll try complimenting someone, saying I love you, bite my tongue, be positive…do you see a theme?? oh, and floss.

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