10 Reasons You Need to Make a Decision Today

Make Decisions

You need to make a decision today.

You know it. And you probably even know your choice.

Yet, it has been put off for some time.

You need to make that decision today.

Not Making a Choice is a Choice

Recently, I was talking to a friend who passed up an opportunity to switch jobs and careers.

He was not looking, but an opportunity found him to join a company he respected in a role that really excited him.

Yet, he passed.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate.

He didn’t pass… he didn’t choose.

He didn’t make a decision. He thought about it. He worried, mulled, pondered, and waited. He could not bring himself to an answer.

The opportunity passed. The job went to someone else.

“When you don’t make decisions, life will choose for you.” (Tweet this Quote)

My friend was scared to make a change. He was afraid of making the wrong choice. He wasn’t sure of himself or the opportunity.

Now, he will not know what could have happened. (Good or bad…)

What opportunities are you letting pass by because you don’t make decisions?

Making Decisions Makes All the Difference

The one thing that you truly control in life is your own decisions.

Make sure that you exercise your ability to choose.

Otherwise, life will make those choices for you.

Here are 10 Reasons You Need to Make a Decision Today:

  1. You May Not Get Another Chance – Sometimes opportunity only knocks once. Don’t let an option pass you by because you don’t make a timely decision.
  2. You Can Change Your Mind – Don’t let the fear of making a wrong choice paralyze you. There are very, very few decisions in life that are not changeable. Your degree, your job, where you live, even your relationships. You can choose again.
  3. It’s Not That Important – As well, there are very few decisions in life that are truly that important. Don’t let perceived importance scare you from choosing.
  4. Not Making A Choice is a Choice – When you don’t choose for yourself, life will choose for you. Ironically, too many people make their decisions by not choosing.
  5. A Good Decision Beats a Perfect One – To re-phrase a famous quote, a good decision now always beats a perfect one later. Don’t wait to make a choice that may pass you by.
  6. Choosing is a Privilege – It is the one thing that you control in your life. Make sure you choose your own path.
  7. Other People’s Decisions Are Not Your Own – Make your own choices. Live your own life. Otherwise, you will look back and realize that you are living someone else’s life and priorities.
  8. Inaction Leads to a Boring Life – Some people choose not to make decisions because they think it is easier. They tell themselves that it is less stressful if they don’t choose. This may be true, but it is also boring. It is uneventful and lazy. Be bold in your decisions and live with the good and the bad.
  9. There is Never a Perfect Time – Don’t wait for the right time. There isn’t one. There is never a perfect time… just time.
  10. Today Always Beats Tomorrow – Today is the only day you have. Tomorrow is only a promise and may never come. Dream for tomorrow, but live for today. Make your choice and do it now.

It’s Your Choice

Making decisions can be the difference between a life well-lived and being driftwood on the river of life.

If you don’t make your own choices, then life or someone else will make them for you.

Make today the day you decide.

After all, it’s your choice.

Question: What decision do you need to make today?

7 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Need to Make a Decision Today

  1. Number 4 really hits home – not making a choice is a choice. It makes me wonder how many bad choices I have made simply by not choosing. Great article!

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