10 Counterintuitive Things to Add to Your Day to Get More Done

Be More Productive

Add more things to my todo list, you say?

I don’t have time that for that.

But, what if adding things to your list would actually make you more productive in your day?

Adding Productivity to Your Todo List

Too often we rush to get to our work.

We rush to get things done.

And along the way, there are many things that we don’t get done.

Some of them are essentials and others would actually help us get more done in our day.

“Counterintuitive as it may seem, adding to your todo list can actually help you get more done in your day.” (Tweet this quote)

It’s all about adding the right things to your list.

Here are 10 Things to Add To Your Day To Get More Done:

  1. Workout – Many people cut exercise out of their schedule when they “don’t have time.” Yet, working out is one of the best ways to drive your energy levels all day long. As well, your overall health determines your ability to be productive in all areas of your life.
  2. Planning Session – Five minutes of planning first thing in the morning can save you hours of time later in the day. Make sure you know what’s on your calendar and todo list before you start your work day.
  3. Preparation – Planning is good, but preparation is better. Once you know what is on your plate, make sure you spend time preparing. Being ready for that meeting or having that task done on time can make all the difference.
  4. Read 20 Pages – Reading is how your grow your brain. You absorb new ideas. You debate other ones. Take 20 minutes to grow your brain every day.
  5. Spend Time on Your Hobby – When you don’t have time, it can seem wrong to spend time on your hobby. However, your passion can help drive your energy and motivation. (When your hobby is your job, you have found the ideal situation…)
  6. Write in Your JournalWriting in a journal is a great way to clear your head, as well as clarify new ideas. It allows your inner voice to tell you what is most important.
  7. Help Others – When you are overwhelmed, you may feel that you don’t have time to help others. However, sometimes that is just what you need to do. And remember, you get what you give.
  8. Go See Someone in Person – In these days of email, text messages, and more, we tend to use the quickest way to communicate. Yet, taking the time to go down the hall or across town to see someone can build relationships in ways not possible electronically. You may find that you save time with the back-and-forth, as well.
  9. Learn a New Skill – You may think you are too busy to stop and learn something new or take a class. However, the speed of change in our world has increased so much that what you learned in school will be obsolete in a few years. As Stephen Covey would say, “Take time to Sharpen the Saw.” In this case, the saw is your skills and knowledge. (See #4)
  10. Take a Break – All work and no rest leads to burnout. Taking a break can help you recharge your body and mind. It can be a simple walk outside or even to spend a couple of minutes on your favorite diversion.

Do More and Be More Productive

When you are busy, it can seem counterintuitive to add more to your list.

However, each of these activities can help you reach higher levels of productivity.

They can motivate, recharge, and improve your efficiency.

Sometimes adding to your todo list can actually make you more productive.

Question: What could you add to your todo list to help you be more productive?

8 thoughts on “10 Counterintuitive Things to Add to Your Day to Get More Done

  1. Fantastic list!! Nos. 2, 3, and 7 are biggies for me. Planning and preparation are so key to starting a successful workday. And if you START the day on the right note, then it’s easier to keep the positive momentum going.

    Helping others? You bet! Helping others must release some endorphin in the brain. You feel good about helping AND you feel motivated to do more.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. great list Craig, number one is so important, it gives me the energy to get so much more done

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