Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Always Be Catching Up

Keep Going

When you are behind, it can be overwhelming.

It may feel like you will never be back on track.

You might not be able to immediately get all your work done.

However, you can always be catching up.

Are You Falling Behind on Your Work?

Do you ever find yourself behind?

Too many todos. Not enough time.

So much work, that is feels like the flood of tasks will never stop.

When you are behind, always be catching up.

A little bit here and a little bit there.

Productivity is not accomplished in one fell swoop.

It probably took you quite a bit of time to get into your current situation, it’s going to time to get out of it.

Just a Little Step

Ask yourself, “How long did it take to get behind in the first place?”

Don’t expect to immediately catch up.

Instead, concentrate on small steps of progress.

Here are 7 Ways to Always Be Catching Up:

  1. Stop Digging – When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. Address the issues and behaviors that are causing you to not get things done.
  2. Clean Up Your Workspace – Taking a few moments to clean up the mess can help you see your work and have room to actually do it. Don’t underestimate how your workspace affects your productivity.
  3. Check Your List – When you are behind, you stress about the things that are not getting done. Make sure you look at your todo list, so that you can address your highest priority tasks first.
  4. Shut Your Door to Interruptions – If interruptions are keeping you from getting your work done, you may need get some peace and quiet. Find an isolated place to work, or simply close your door until you complete the task at hand.
  5. Eat that Elephant Bite by Bite – You probably have an “elephant task” that is so big that you think you will never get it done. When you need to eat the elephant, dedicate yourself to doing a little bit each day.
  6. What Do You Need to Stop Doing? – If you don’t have enough time, you need to remove some activities from your day. Sometimes it isn’t what you need to get done, but rather what you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Take a hard look at where you are spending your time and what you can cut out of your schedule.
  7. When You Can’t Do A Lot… Do a Little – You won’t always be able to get all of your work done. When you can’t do it all, do one thing. A little bit done today, always beats the promise of more done tomorrow.

Always Be Catching Up

Sometimes you will find yourself behind.

You won’t be able to do all the things you need to do.

Instead of letting it overwhelm you, take small productivity steps in the right direction.

You may not get all your work done today.

However, always be catching up.

Question: When you are behind in your work, how do you catch up?

11 thoughts on “Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Always Be Catching Up

  1. I find that taking that first “bite” of the elephant changes my whole attitude about the feasibility of the project. Once I have begun, it is much more reasonable to continue. Before I begin, those big tasks appear insurmountable.

  2. Agreed, No2 – Cleaning your workspace – is a powerful way to keep your head organised too. Time spent getting organised is never wasted: and doing it little and often is the most effective.

  3. Love how you break these things into steps. It makes it easy and fast to read while simple 🙂 Great and helpful tips. Also like the photograph at the top it caught my attention first. When I get behind it is mostly because, Iike you mentioned in step #6, when I fill my life with other stuff instead of work. Thanks for the advice.

  4. I usually start small and let the momentum flow into the bigger tasks. Sometimes just accomplishing one thing is enough to start things back on track 🙂

  5. Great tips thank you! I feel like I’m always behind as a homeschooling mum, so it’s just what I need to read 🙂

  6. Great post – I love the one about deciding what you can stop doing – excellent advice. I’m having a ‘catching up’ kind of week, so really appreciated this 🙂

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