Why You Need to Make a No List

We often say Yes to things that we shouldn’t.

We take on tasks that aren’t our responsibility.

Even tasks that prevent us from getting our own work done.

Sometimes, we are aware that we shouldn’t say Yes, but we do anyway.

What should you be saying No to?

Yes… When It Should Be No

Saying No instead of Yes, can be easier said than done.

Whether in a work situation or in our personal lives, it can be difficult to say No.

We feel compelled to say Yes, even when the answer should be No.

However, sometimes you need to say No in order to stand up for yourself.

What have you said No to recently?

Sometimes you have to say No…

So, that you can say Yes to yourself.

Make a No List

Saying No is an important skill in life.

It allows you to do what you need to do and makes sure you don’t end up doing everyone else’s job.

I want you to make a quick No list right now…

  • Three instances where you did say No – You did say No, right? If you have said No in the past, review what you did right in saying No. Where were you able to say No?
  • Three times you should have said No – If you are having trouble saying No, then you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with examples of where you should have said No. Where are you giving in where you shouldn’t? What are the reasons behind your answers?
  • Three things you need to say No – Looking forward, what are three things coming your way that you will need to say No to. Being prepared in advance can empower you to stand your ground.

Use your No List to give you perspective when you need to evaluate a decision.

No Means Yes To Yourself

You need to be able to say No.

When appropriate, make sure you speak up and stand firm.

Say No today.

And say Yes to yourself.

Question: What’s should be on your No list?

9 thoughts on “Why You Need to Make a No List

  1. Craig, in reading this article, I expected specifics but instead found good questions that lead me to specifics. One yes that should have been a no was the time a neighbor asked me, since I cycle a lot, would I look her bicycle over and get it ready to ride. I had no time nor any skill but I said yes anyway. Weeks later I wheeled her bike back having tried to do something I couldn’t.–Tom

    1. Thanks, Tom. Like that example.

      Often, we find ourselves saying Yes out of politeness… only to find that we had no way of following through on that Yes.

  2. I don’t know about you, but I find saying no to close family members to be quite a challenge. Family is important and one should always be available, but sometimes it can drain time. I’m slowly practicing Day 9 “Block Your Time” from your ebook to tell people I have something to do at certain times, but like I mentioned before I tend to make rearrangements when it comes to close family. What do you think about doing this rearragements for family?

    1. Thanks, Luis.

      Yes… it can be hard to say no to those close to you. Sometimes you just need to explain why you cannot say yes at this time… and see if there is an alternative way you can help.
      Then again… you have to decide when to put family first. 🙂

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