Doing the Tasks You Hate, Even When You Don’t Want To

We all have tasks that we dislike. Or even hate.

Whether it is exercising or filing or laundry, we avoid these tasks because we don’t like to do them.

What are your most hated tasks? And how do you make sure they get done?

Procrastinating What We Don’t Enjoy

When we don’t like to do something, we are more likely to procrastinate.

Even simple tasks get put off when we find them distasteful.

It may be an easy task, but if we dislike it… we will avoid it like the plague.

Sometimes you need to suck it up and do the things you hate.

Doing the Tasks We Don’t Like

Don’t let your emotions cause you to procrastinate, instead use them as a motivator.

Here are several ways to ensure that you Do Those Tasks You Hate:

  1. Have a Scheduled Time – Distasteful tasks are easier to stomach if you know when you are going to do them. Do them regularly and have a specific time. Don’t let them build up or you will be even more tempted to put them off.
  2. Use a List – Checklists are powerful motivators. Not only do they make sure that you don’t “overlook” those hated tasks, but you feel good checking them off.
  3. Chain it to Another Task – Connect a task that you don’t like to one that you regularly get done. By chaining tasks together, you make sure they both get done.
  4. Have Accountability Partner – Have a friend or family member hold you accountable to finishing. It’s easy to procrastinate when you only have to answer to yourself.
  5. Let Your Hate Drive Passion, Not Anger – Don’t get angry, instead get things done. Anger doesn’t get things done. However, if you can channel your energy, you will find yourself motivated to finish things.
  6. Reward Yourself… Even a Little – Small rewards can yield big results. When you complete something that you didn’t want to do, give yourself a small reward. Maybe by then doing something that you did want to do. Of course, work first… reward second.
  7. Whistle While You Work – Your attitude can make all the difference in your reality. If you are determined to have a good time doing what you dislike, it changes everything. You can enjoy almost anything if you put your mind to it. Change the perspective. Make it a game. Have fun no matter what you are doing.

Do Them Anyway

The next time you are putting off a task, stop and ask yourself if it is simply because you dislike it.

Let your dislike drive your productivity, not your excuses.

You will feel even better after you beat those distasteful tasks.

Question: How do you make yourself do your most hated tasks?

9 thoughts on “Doing the Tasks You Hate, Even When You Don’t Want To

  1. One strategy that works is to limit my forms of procrastination. I’ll tell myself that I don’t have to do the task – but it’s either do the task or sit there and do nothing. No facebook. No twitter. No internet. No reading. No walking around. No fun. Just work on the task or stare at the wall.
    Eventually, sheer frustration and impatience will drive me to do the task.

  2. This definitely speaks to me. Have been putting off making that list, creating the schedule … the checklist does make it seem more doable. Thanks!

  3. Thanks a lot! It was a real motivation! I should have been doing a boring one!

  4. How are you supposed to put 7 into practice? “Don’t hate doing it, have fun doing it instead!” is all well and good, but I can’t see a way to actually do that.

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