Are You Ignoring Life’s Warning Signs?


As we go through our busy day, it can be easy to ignore the things going around us.

While we try to tune out interruptions, some of the information that life presents us with is important.

Are you listening to what life is trying to tell you?

Or are you ignoring life’s warning signs?

What Is Life Trying to Tell You?

The other day I was in the doctor’s office waiting room.

While I was waiting, and working on my iPad, I observed the following:

A young woman showed up for an appointment.

After she gave her name, the receptionist politely informed her that her appoint had been yesterday.

The woman immediately told the receptionist that was incorrect, and her appointment was today. In fact, she had received a call yesterday for her appointment for today.

The receptionist handled the situation well, and did not cause a commotion.

She looked at her computer and responded, “My system shows that we left you a voicemail 3 days ago to remind you of your appointment. And then another message the day of your appointment after it was missed.”

The patient again stated that there was no way that her appointment was yesterday. After all, yesterday was Thursday and she never makes appointments on Thursdays.

She then continued to say that she had gotten a call yesterday confirming her appointment and even pulled out her phone and waved it like she was going to show her call log to the receptionist.

The receptionist was patient and listened to the woman until she had finally run out of lines.

The patient then snapped, “Well, you should email or text me! I don’t listen to those voicemails anyway.”

Apparently, not.

When you ignore life’s warning signs, you are creating your own life friction and complications. 

In some cases, you can even be putting yourself in danger.

In this situation, the young woman had simply missed her appointment.

However, in other areas of life, ignoring the warning signs can have serious consequences.

What Are You Ignoring?

In this story, the patient caused herself issues because she ignored the signs that life was giving her.

Not only had she ignored when her appointment was, but she ignored the repeated reminders that were trying to tell her the facts.

Here are just a few of the Life Signs that she was ignoring:

  • Ignoring the Present – She ignored two separate phone calls telling her when the appointment was scheduled.
  • Ignoring the Past – She ignored the appointment card they gave when the visit was set and she didn’t record it properly on her calendar.
  • Ignoring Others – The patient ignored what the receptionist was telling her, even when they were having a face-to-face conversation.
  • Ignoring the Facts – She continued her argument even after the receptionist’s computer provided specific facts and even her own phone’s call log did not support her argument. Truly amazing.
  • Ignoring the Truth. – Even once the truth came to light, the patient was still in denial. She didn’t admit her mistake and still doubted what had happened. This is a dangerous place for individuals (or companies) to be. When you start ignoring the truth… you are headed for trouble.

Pay Attention to the Signs

It can be important to listen to what life is telling us.

You may be creating more work and stress for yourself.

Or you may be putting yourself physically in harm’s way.

So, make sure you pay attention to what life is trying to tell you today.

Question: When have you had complications due to ignoring what life or others were telling you? 

6 thoughts on “Are You Ignoring Life’s Warning Signs?

  1. For me, the key is to have an adequate processing system. So many people get really good at the collection aspect, but then they just freeze. After a while, they just get numb to all the information and collected thoughts around them.
    That can filter down into so many other things as the numbness can spread to other areas of our lives.

  2. We often give ourselves permission to ignore different aspects of life by claiming to be good multi-taskers. Multi-tasking, however, is just another way to legitimize ignoring something we should be paying attention to. It’s a vicious cycle that turns people inward making them believe everything is all about them. In the words of John G. Miller, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know…it’s me!”

  3. I recently had a bad break up of 2 years which I jumped into right away after my divorce of 10 years. My second relationship was rather bad and abusive and I still struggle day to day with the past 2 years, which ended up with way worse consequences than my own marriage. I recently tried online dating and met someone that I have been talking to for 2 weeks now on and off. He stated he really wants to meet me yet lives three hours away and in a town much rather larger than mine claiming he is unable to meet someone in his own area. I did a lot of questioning with this man and started to find him rather intriguing however after many discussions I come to find out the man went to the a college which is also the same name as my ex boyfriend who was controlling and abusive had has put me at the worst stages of my life even after a divorce, which they say is similar to the loss of a person through death. I do believe this is a life warning sign, however, I am not sure if I should approach it as a bad sign considering the a man I barely know three hours away I met on the internet wants to meet me and went to a college which is the same last name as my ex who lives in my same town……I do believe and want to believe this is a sign but I do not know how to approach it as this could be for the best, however, could be for the very worst also……

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