5 Reasons You Should Take a Break Today

I like to take breaks throughout the day.

I break up my work sessions into several timeframes.

It helps me maintain a high level of productivity.

Do you keep your nose to the grindstone all day long?

Today, I want you to take a break…

Why You Should Take a Break

When people look at highly productive people, they often say things like, “They make it look effortless” and “They don’t even look like they are working very hard.”

In fact, one of observations of these hard workers is that they don’t work all the time.

In fact, their breaks actually help them be more productive.

Highly productive individuals are not going full speed all the time.

They know when to work and when to take a break.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Break Today:

  1. Gain Perspective – If your head is down in your work, you aren’t aware of your surrounding environment. Priorities may have changed since you started your project. A break can let you zoom out and get the big picture again.
  2. Recharge – Everyone needs to “fill their tank” or eventually their energy reserve will reach zero. Rest is needed to let the body and mind recharge.
  3. Refocus – It is easy to get distracted and pulled off task. Taking a break can let you address those distractions and then refocus your energy on the more important tasks.
  4. Get Advice – No one can operate entirely independent. It can save you much time and effort if you seek advice from others. Maybe they have previously done what you are doing, and can provide time-saving tips.
  5. Take Care of Yourself  – Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t keep going at 100% without burning yourself out. Even top-notch machines will burn out if they are not maintained. Make sure you are maintaining yourself.

Take a Break For Yourself

Taking a break from your work, can help you be more productive.

Instead of looking at quick breaks as time-wasters, consider them ways to boost your work.

Here are Tips for Taking a Break From Your Work Today:

  1. Set Expectations – Let your team know that you are taking a quick break. Letting others know that you are unplugging for a few minutes is important.
  2. Rest For a Period –  If you job is physical demanding, take a rest break. Whether it is to sit down for a few minutes from your work, or even to rest your eyes for a bit from that computer screen.
  3. Clear Your Head – Sometimes we try to brute force a solution to a problem we are working on. It is only when we step back, that our unconscious mind suddenly comes up with the answer we are seeking. Some mindless diversion for a few minutes can actually improve your problem solving.
  4. Set a Time Limit – Breaks are good, but only if you have the discipline to get back to work. Set a time limit on your break so that it stays within reason.
  5. Eat Something – You body needs nourishment, and working all day without eating can negatively affect your ability to continue. Are you one of those individuals that works right through lunch and never eats? Take a break and eat something healthy. Fruit is always a great snack.
  6. Go For a Walk – Going for a brisk walk outdoors is one of the best ways to take a break. Not only does it get the blood pumping, but you benefit from the fresh air and sunlight.
  7. Get Social –  A little social support can go a long way. Instead, of continuing to hit your head against the wall on that project, seek some help or guidance. (Just make sure they are on break, too!)

Many highly productive individuals take breaks regularly.

Today, I want you to take a break from your work when appropriate.

You might just find that you are more productive overall.

Question: Do you regularly take breaks from your work? Share your thoughts in the comments.

17 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Take a Break Today

  1. Craig, I usually take lunch at a park near where I work. There’s nothing magic to it except that I always return to work feeling refreshed and my head is clear. Good post!

  2. I usually take at least 2-3 10 min breaks throughout the day, especially if I’m doing a lot of writing that day. Luckily there is a great courtyard at my building and walking the path takes about 10 mins, it definitely helps me recharge, get my blood flowing and when I come back I usually have a fresh perspective on what I was working on.

  3. Walking past green lawns,hearing the birds in my neighborhood, make for a good head-clearing break from work.If my dog is with me,we walk the block in 20 minutes.If I’m alone,10. At my desk or drawing table, water is always handy. An apple or banana makes a good snack.

  4. Great post. Since I work all day long, I take lots of 5 to 10 minutes quick breaks to rest my eyes from screen and few longer when I usually walk or ride a bicycle. And I’m allways refreshed and with new ideas after breaks.

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