How to Get Tough Tasks Done by Chaining Them Together

How do you get those tough tasks done?

Those that you don’t want to do.

Or perhaps, something you always forget to do.

Here is a simple method to make sure that those tough tasks always get done.

Links in the Chain

We all have tasks that we have trouble getting done.

Sometimes we avoid tasks either subconsciously, or even purposefully.

Other times they are tasks that are important but easily passed by. (Like reviewing our calendar…)

One great method to ensure that those tasks get done is to chain them to tasks that you know you will get done.

To ensure that a tough or easily forgotten task gets done…

Connect it to other tasks that you regularly complete.

We do this with many things in our lives.

– Brushing and flossing

– Taking vitamins with the same meal each day

– Changing the laundry when you get up

– Emptying your inbox each day before leaving work

– Checking our mirrors every time we start-up our car

What else could you “chain together” to make sure those tough or easily forgotten tasks get done?

Don’t Break the Chain

Is there something you regularly forget to do? What tough tasks do you need to get done?

Make a chain of tasks to ensure that you get them all done.

Here are a few Tips on Making a Chain of Tough Tasks:

  • First Link in the Chain – Put one of your tough tasks as the first link in your chain. One that you typically avoid. Make it necessary to do it first, before you get to your other tasks. Exercise is a great “first link in the chain.” Do it first thing each day.
  • The Next Link – Momentum is a great productivity driver. Let the links of your chain carry you from one task to the next. Often, you will find yourself doing an unpleasant task simply because you are “in motion” and getting things done.
  • Physical Chains – Put easily forgotten tasks physically together so that you will be reminded. Are you going to forget to bring that important item to work tomorrow? Put it with your keys for the morning. Have a task that must be done before you leave the office? Put the materials on top of your desk now, so that you cannot depart without moving it.
  • Last But Not Least – Make sure you finish your chain. Finish-to-done to ensure that you get to all your tasks. This is particularly powerful for those that forget to do specific tasks. Review your todo list until your chain is done for the day.
  • Don’t Break the Chain – A chain of tasks is also a great accountability tool. Hold yourself to getting done even the tasks that you don’t want to do and are avoiding. Keep it together and don’t break the chain.

Make a Chain of Productivity

If you find yourself putting off or forgetting tasks, then I suggest making a chain of tasks.

Attach those difficult todos to ones that you know you will get done.

You’ll find that tough tasks don’t slip by when they are connected to other activities and work.

Make your own chain of productivity today.

Question: What tough tasks do you link together?

7 thoughts on “How to Get Tough Tasks Done by Chaining Them Together

  1. I try to keep my PC desktop as tidy as possible. So when I create a new folder or save a new file there, I try to get rid (either deleting or organizing) at least the same ammount. That way the chaos doesn’t grow…

  2. Just discovered this and love the idea. Any other examples of long or interesting chains? Now that I think of it, I believe I might be a subconscious but deliberate chain breaker–bad news! Gotta ponder.

    1. Veronica, hmmm… will have to think of a good example.

      I think for me… it is about making checklists to make sure I don’t skip tasks…

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