Does a Holiday Weekend Ruin Your Productivity?

In the U.S., we are headed back to work after a three-day holiday weekend.

Many people were looking forward to the break. A chance to unwind, have fun, and get away from work. (And of course, to remember those that came before us.)

However, I am sure quite a few people overdid it during the long weekend. They may be returning to work even more worn out than when they left.

Are you returning from your holiday weekend refreshed and ready to work?

Or worn out and needing another break?

Break or Breakdown?

Many workers live for their time off.

They can’t wait until the next holiday, vacation day, or even weekend.

However once they get to the break, instead of taking it easy, they end up running themselves ragged.

Sound familiar?

Many people wear themselves down more during their time off, than they do at work.

They come back from the break… needing another break.

Refreshed or Just Plain Wrecked?

I must confess that I took it easy this weekend.

I unplugged from work. I didn’t do much of anything online. I didn’t read email (gasp!).

What did I do? Hmm. I saw a movie (or two!) I ran a 5K race with my 9 year old son. And I spent two days in the pool with friends and family.

Did you relax during your break?

Here are a couple of my thoughts on taking care of yourself during your break:

  • Rejuvenate – A break should be a time of renewal. Make sure you take care of your health and well-being during your time off.
  • Refresh – Simply put, a break should be a break. Refresh yourself by ensuring that you actually take a break from your work. Turn off that smartphone. Stop checking work email. It will still be there when you come back.
  • Reset – A break is a great time to reset your compass. Reflect, review, or just relax. Are you on course? Examine the progress of  your goals and make adjustments.
  • Ready to Work – Is there anything you need to do to be ready to return to work? I am not saying work during your break. But, being prepared is important to ensure a smooth restart to your job. Don’t walk in blind. A quick 30 minute planning session can make all the difference for your return.
  • Return to Sender – Are you returning from the break in a wrecked state? I have had to send people home from work because they came back to their job… not in a condition to work. Don’t let this be you.

Refreshed and Ready

We work hard. It’s important to play hard, too.

Refresh yourself. Take care of your well-being. And of course, enjoy your time off.

However, resist the temptations to overindulge.

Make sure that you come back in better shape than when you left.

Question: Does your holiday break rejuvenate you or leave you worn out? Share your story below.

7 thoughts on “Does a Holiday Weekend Ruin Your Productivity?

  1. Craig, 

    I always find it amusing when people come back from a vacation and say “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.”  That’s why mine are generally all surf trips :). You come back thinner, with a tan, and feeling like a million bucks. 

  2. Hey Craig, I work at home and because of this I don’t have a set time schedule and also I work long hours plus 7 days a week. It starts to break me.

    This is why I have started to put working hours and take Sunday off, completely out of my work. This relaxes my mind, I get time for my self, my family and I watch movies + play games.

    I take my laptop on holiday, but last time I was out of town for 1 week without my work. That was a great experience and I was charged up in work.


    1. Tamal, good points. It definitely can be a little different if you are self-employed. 

      Like you stated… you still have to set boundaries. 🙂

  3. For a blogger, a holiday weekend is nice because I could write without having to worry too much about checking out other things online since no one is online over the weekend!

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