Task #1: The One Thing You Need to Do

There is something you need to get done today.

It is the one thing that you need to complete.

It is Task #1.

Are you giving it the attention and priority that it needs?

Or will it slip until tomorrow?

The Task That Needs to Get Done

We all have something we need to do today.

Sometimes it is very urgent. Sometimes it is very important.

Other times it is just something that needs to get done.

Maybe it is at the top of your todo list. Or hiding out in the back of your mind. Or maybe it is sitting on your desk.

Do you know what it is?

What is your Task #1 for today?

“It could the most important thing you need to do today, or it could be a lingering task that you have been putting off for weeks.”

Here are just a few of the things that may be your Task #1:

  • The Most Important Task – This is the truly important and urgent task that must be done today. It could be something that directly impacts your job or personal relationships.
  • The Lingering Task – This is the pesky task that just won’t get off your todo list. It has been there for days or weeks. (Or months!)
  • The Hidden Task – This is the todo that keeps appearing, but you have yet to recognize or add to your todo list. It needs to be captured and done.
  • The Overdue Task – What have you not completed that you will be penalized for? An overdue bill or late fee? Missed the early bird pricing? This task is costing you time and money.

Ensure That Task #1 Is Job #1

Put a focus on that one task today.

It may be the most important thing.

Or it may be the one thing that you aren’t getting done.

If you only get one thing done today, make sure that it is Task #1.

What is your Task #1? What will it take to get it done today?

3 thoughts on “Task #1: The One Thing You Need to Do

  1. Great post Craig. I have found it almost always helpful, with few exceptions, to strive for the most important task first. It’s easy to get set into a routine where you go through your multitude of tasks and stop when the music stops at the end of the day. But, having a #1 task gives your day purpose and from that you gain a strong sense of accomplishment. That’s enough to motivate you for another great day!

  2. Time Management Ninja, I wish you would stay out of my head!!!  The #1 priority on my to do list today was to finish my taxes.  Guess what? I’ve done everything but that today.  I’m procrastinating.  I don’t want to do it.  I’d rather clean the bathroom or do laundry or anything than work on those taxes.  But there’s nothing more important on my list today.  So after reading your post, I guess I’ll go do them.  And please stay out of my head from now on.

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