Be Bold and Call Your Shot!

Ever see a baseball player point to the fences?

Calling his shot. Boldly stating that he will hit a home run.

It may seem a little confident. Arrogant, even. (and maybe it only happens in the movies…)

But, there is a lesson here.

Sometimes you just have to call yourself out.

Sometimes you just have to announce your intentions to the world.

Sometimes you have to call your shot…

What Will You Accomplish Today?

Too often we just go through the motions.

We do what comes in front of us.

And we are satisfied with whatever we get done, whether it is significant or not.

“Vagueness fuels procrastination, clarity drives action.”

When was the last time that you boldly stated what you were going to accomplish today?

Make it Clear and Say it Loud

“Calling Your Shot” can be a powerful way to drive your productivity and power your motivation.

It can be a battle cry for your goals and endeavors.

Here are some advantages of “Calling Your Shot”…

  • Sets an Immediate Deadline – When you call your shot for today, you are setting an immediate deadline. You are going to accomplish that task today. No more waiting. No more procrastination. Just do it.
  • Laser Focus – Calling your shot brings a laser-like focus to what you have deemed most important. Its like having a set of productivity blinders to keep you focused on that highest priority task.
  • Drives Accountability – Letting everyone know what you will do brings clear accountability to completing your goal. It’s easy to let yourself down. But, when you are accountable to others, it drives you. It motivates you to follow through.
  • Sets a Clear Goal – When you call your shot, you make it very clear what you intend to accomplish. Knowing the goal is half the battle. Often we are not specific in what we are going to do and that holds us back from taking action. Being clear in your intentions will empower you to move forward.
  • Win at All Costs – When you put yourself on the line in bold manner, you are going to give it your all. You may not always win, but when you call your shot you are going to give it your all!

Call Your Shot Today!

Today, be bold.

Call yourself out. Announce what you will do.

Maybe it will be to go for a run. Maybe it will be to finish your taxes early. Or to get ahead on that project.

Whatever it is… Make it loud. Make it bold. Make a difference.

And then make it happen.

Call your shot today!

What will you accomplish today? Call your shot. Tell us below what you will accomplish today.

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  1. Awesome! Today I will follow the schedule that I made for myself 😉 in Jesus name!

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