The Danger of Your Weakness

No one likes to be considered weak.

Our whole culture is about being strong. Being tough. Being resilient.

While we are often stronger than we think, we tend to ignore or downplay our weaknesses.

But, you have to consider your vulnerabilities, because even the strongest can be done in by their Achilles’ heel.

Do you know what your weakness is?

Your Weakness Will Do You In

We are taught that leaders are supposed to be strong.  Invincible.  Superheroes, even.

Much of what you read these days preaches “strengths-based” leadership.

This concept says that you should concentrate on your strengths because, after all, that is what you are good at.

Unfortunately, this approach is used by many as an excuse to downplay (or simply ignore) their weaknesses.

However, it is your weaknesses that usually lead to your undoing.

In fact, your weakness can counteract or submarine even your best strengths from making you a success.

I have seen many a career sunk by a single weakness.  (Just look at the news of today’s CEOs and politicians…)

Even the most talented individuals can be brought down by their vulnerabilities.

Overcoming Your Time Management Weakness

For many, time management is the weakness that holds back their career and causes chaos with their daily life.

Time management can be a compounding weakness because it can amplify other issues. For example, it can make a work-life balance problem even that much worse.

So, when it comes to examining your weak areas, is time management one of them?

What is your biggest productivity weakness?

Here are some tips to overcome many common time management weaknesses:

  • Getting Started – Many people have trouble starting a task or project.  My advice here is to do something… anything. Even the smallest amount of work can spark your productivity. When I have trouble getting started with my writing, I will often start with the small stuff like the headline or image. Just doing those small tasks can ignite my productivity.
  • Procrastinating – Most people procrastinate by doing other things. Like when you are suppose to be working on that project and end up surfing YouTube or Wikipedia. I recommend that you put on your productivity blinders. You need to shut out distractions even if it means going to the extreme of turning off your email or internet connection.
  • Not Finishing Things – Not finishing tasks is another time management weakness.  Tasks undone can create more work for you. Have the discipline not to commence a new task until you are done with the current one.  Multi-tasking often leads to multiple things unfinished.
  • Interruptions – Prevent interruptions from derailing your productivity.  Set yourself up for success. Turn off the phone. Close the email. Shut the door. Go someplace else, if you need to.
  • Being on Time – Lateness is a common time management weakness. The secret here is not to plan to be on time, but rather to plan to be there early.  Like 10-15 minutes early.  Heading to the meeting at 5 til the start is already too late.
  • Forgetting items – Are you dropping appointments or todos? Ensure that you have all the tools you need in your time management toolkit. Missing or inadequate tools can lead to leaks in your time management.

Take Action on Your Weakness

Knowing and acting on your own weakness can keep you in the game.

Letting it be or ignoring it, can lead to failure or worse.

If time management is your weakness, improving it will fuel productivity in all areas of your work and life.

What is your time management weakness? How you do address it?

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