Can You Get Ahead By Slowing Down?

Are you going too fast?

Do you rush through daily life trying to keep up with everything?

Are you getting your day-to-day todo list done, but not the more strategic things?

You know, those things that you need to get done in order to reach your goals.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

When was the last time you slowed down?

Taking Your Foot Off the Gas

When you slow down, you can get a better view of the passing scenery.

Slowing down can give you more perspective.  It can let you see what truly needs to get done.

If you are caught up in the hustle of the day-to-day, it might be time to stop and think about your bigger goals.

Maybe it’s time to take your foot off the gas for a minute.

“The trap of daily life is that you can spend so much time doing miscellaneous tasks… that you never get to what’s most important.”

Are you getting things done every day to move yourself towards your goals?

If not, you are simply treading water.  Just getting by with what needs to get done today.

Maybe you need to do a little less of the day-to-day and a little more of the important.

Could you make more progress if you went slower?

Getting Ahead by Slowing Down

I have slowed down lately.  You may have noticed.

I slowed my posting schedule recently, down to 2-3 posts a week from the previous 4-5.

Additionally, I cut back on some other activities in my life.  (See: “Why I Quit… and Maybe You Should Too!“)

Why did I this?  Or better yet, what I am doing now that I have slowed down…

I slowed down so that I could work on some new projects.

In fact, my slowing down has allowed me to work on several new exciting things:

  • Online Class – I am currently working on an online time management course.  It will be available via a partnership with another website in the near future.
  • Book – Additionally, I have been writing a book that will be coming out in the new year.
  • Site Design – I have been incrementally improving the TMN site, trying to make it even more accessible for readers to find information and articles.
  • Advising – Watch for more information soon, but I have started some one-on-one advising to help others “reclaim their time.”

These new projects would not have been possible wth my previous workload.  I slowed down in some areas so that I could concentrate my time on higher priority projects.

Slowing Down to Go Farther

Can you get ahead by slowing down?

In a world where we rush from one task to the next, one appointment to another, it seems like we never get to what’s most important.

If you slow down in some areas of your life, you just might find that you have the time you need to reach your goals.

Do you need to slow down?  What could you get done if you did?