Is Your Anchor Holding You Down?

What’s holding you down today?

We all have things that hold us back.  Sometimes, these things are beyond our control.  Life inevitably throws things at us that are unexpected.

However, sometimes we are responsible for what it holding us back.  Maybe it is a bad habit or something we shouldn’t be doing.

It may be counter-productive to our goals and productivity, yet we continue to do it.

It is like we are dragging our own anchor.

Have you considered what is holding you back that is in your control?

What is your personal anchor?

What Is Your Anchor?

The irony of personal anchors is that we are often aware of them.  We know that they are not helping us, yet we don’t get around to casting them off.

We know we shouldn’t endlessly surf the Internet.  We know we shouldn’t eat so much junk food.  We know we shouldn’t waste so much time complaining or gossiping.  Yet, we let these negative behaviors keep us from achieving what we truly desire.

Here are just a few things that may be the “anchor” holding you back:

  • A Bad Habit – We all have habits.  Some good, some bad.  Is there a particular habit that is holding you back?  Perhaps, even a self-destructive one?  Maybe it is watching too much TV?  Or staying up too late?
  • Lack of Organization – Is lack or organization or time management keeping your from being successful?  Is your lack of being able to get things done your weakness?
  • Lack of a Skill – Maybe you need to refresh or re-learn a skill?  Maybe your job requires you to develop a new skill in order to advance?
  • Attitude – Could a bad attitude be holding you down?  I see people who have boatloads of expertise and skill, but sink their careers with a poor attitude.
  • Lack of Initiative – Do you start things or do you talk about starting them?  I have a friend who has been talking about writing a book.  But, he has not started.  You can’t finish if you don’t start.

Breaking Anchor!

The good news about our personal anchors, is that we can choose to let them go.

Take a moment to think about what you have dragging around that is holding you down.

You can continue dragging your anchor.  Or, you can reel it in and sail onward!

What is your personal anchor?  What do you need to break free from?

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  1. Great post! I do what I can to help those with the disorganization anchor, but I think some people use clutter and disorganization as a way to hide out. It’s a great barrier.

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