Why You Need to be Different to Win

People conform.

You have probably heard that you become like those that you hang out with…

…but, what if those that you are hanging out or working with aren’t like what you want to be?  What then?

Studies have shown that if you hang out with people who are out of shape, you are more likely to become out of shape.  Maybe you take on their eating and exercise habits.  Maybe their body shape becomes acceptable to you, too.  I worked for a company that every time they went to dinner they would order appetizers, meals, drinks, and dessert.  It was the corporate culture.  You felt out of place if you did not do the same.

You get the point.

The same is true about productivity.  If you hang out with people who waste time, procrastinate, and leave things to the last minute…you will start displaying the same habits.  Those behaviors may even become acceptable to you.

Are You the Same or Different?

“If you want to get things done that other do not…then you have to do things that others do not.”

People I work with are sometimes amazed that I write this blog in addition to my normal job.  They ask me how I do it.  I reply…  I just do.

While you are watching TV late at night or while you are sleeping…I am working.  I am writing.  I am doing.  Because that is how it gets done.  Sometimes I get up at 4AM to work on my next post or project.  Yes, that is different.

Some people are afraid to be different.  Afraid that if they do not fit in, that they will not be part of the team.

However, the truth is that when you look at leaders and people who are top of their field, they are different. Why?  Because they go above and beyond.  They do what others are not doing and that puts them ahead of the pack.

Different Time Management

So, when it comes to getting things done… dare to be different!

  • Don’t hang out at the water-cooler  and gossip
  • Don’t go out to lunch with the office each day
  • Don’t be late because everyone else is
  • Don’t be unprepared because others are not
  • Don’t have to stay out late because others do
  • Don’t watch endless TV

Instead, do something you know is important.

Not the Same

If you do what everyone else is doing, then by definition you will be like everyone else.  Be yourself, and do what you know is important even if it means being different.

To paraphrase Robert Frost, “Sometimes you have to take the road less travelled.  And that makes all the difference.”

How has being different help you get ahead?  Share your comments below.

8 thoughts on “Why You Need to be Different to Win

  1. And the difference quoted or paraphrased from Frost at the end may not be a positive difference. Maybe you don't adequately spend your time with your spouse or someone important in your life. The difference could be the divorce also. Just saying.

  2. re-read the post and found you mentioned about spending “quantity” time with your family. do you mean quality time? If yes, I retract my previous comment.

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