App of the Week: Speek

SpeekApp of the Week: Speek

Conference calls… we have all been on that call.

I have been testing a great new conference app that turns the traditional conference call on its head.

It’s called Speek. And it has changed the way I interact with conference calls.

Speek is available via a web interface. As well, there are iOS and Android apps. I have been initiating calls via the Speek app on my iPhone …and it works great. 

Here are some of Speek’s features…

  • No Dial-in Number or PIN – Forget about complicated phone numbers and PINs. Instead, all you need to know is the host’s Speek URL. (For example, You input your phone number and Speek calls you.
  • Know Who Is On the Call – No more, “Who just joined?” With the Speek app, you can see who is on the call. You can even see who is speaking at any given time. (No more phantom attendees.) It’s also a great feature for those that need to take minutes during a large conference call.
  • Protect Your Phone Number – If you regularly have to have calls with vendors or others you can use your Speek account instead of giving out your cell #. I use this for outside inquiries and consults.
  • Share Files During the Call – (Pro Account Feature) We have all been on a conference when suddenly someone scrambles to “email a file” to everyone. This inevitably leads to confusion and email address problems. With a Speek Pro account you can distribute files simply to all attendees on the call.

Speek is FREE for an account that hosts up to 5 callers. (A Pro account currently costs $10/month.)

Question: How could Speek help you with your conference calls? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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One thought on “App of the Week: Speek

  1. Great pick! I love this app and Danny Boice embodies the kind of leadership todays companies long for. Now whenever I dial into non-speek conference calls setup by clients and partners using 800 #’s, 5 to 10 digit pin codes and then the requirement to say my name and hit the # key, I laugh to myself and think about the disruption happening right under these analog services noses.